The Evolution of the Wheel

This Timeline shows the evolution of the wheel over time.

Today wheels are used everywhere. From cars to rolling chairs they are like to be in every building. ;xNLx;;xNLx;Citations:;xNLx;RAICIU, TUDOR. "History of the Wheel." History of the Wheel. N.p., 2 June 2009. Web. 23 Jan. 2014.

1000 BC-07-07 17:40:21

Iron Rims

The Celtics put the first iron-rimmed wheels on their chariots. Increased appeal and durability were the intention.

1802-11-13 16:56:12

Wire Tension Spokes

The first wire tension spokes were patented by G.F. Bauer to put on bikes because the previous ones weren't strong enough to lift them.

1845-08-13 01:46:07

Pneumatic tires

The first air-pumped tires were invented because previous wheels were very uncomfortable on bumps and jumps otherwise.

1910-05-13 09:36:02

Carbon Rubber Tires

The B.F. Goodrich Company invented and patented carbon rubber tires to make them last longer.

1926-02-09 16:25:56

Welded Steel Spokes

Welded steel spokes were created to improve durability and revolutionize cars.

2000 BC-10-26 04:31:53

First Spoked Wheel

Some Egyptians created a wheel with spokes to replace the one that was going on their chariots because it looked more appealing and used less resources.

2006-01-01 00:00:00


A kind of wheel that merges the tire and wheel together without needing air to deflect impacts. The Tweel is the start of a new age of wheels called "Morph wheels" because the wheels morph to fit their terrain.

3500 BC-01-01 00:00:00

First wheel created

Somewhere in Mesopotamia someone cut out a slice of a log and chiseled a hole in the middle to create the first wheel.

The Evolution of the Wheel

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