First World War - Kent & Medway

This timeline is compiled by Julia Booth, a Time2Give volunteer at the Kent History & Library Centre, Maidstone. She is using sources in the collections of Kent County Council - Libraries, Registration & Archives.

For further details contact: ;xNLx;;xNLx;Kent History & Library Centre, James Whatman Way, Maidstone ME14 1LQ ;xNLx;;xNLx;email:;xNLx;;xNLx;[Kent Archives and Local History](;xNLx;;xNLx;[Kent Libraries](

Belgian soldiers arrive at St Edith Hall, Kemsing

The Village Hall in Kemsing has been turned into a hospital which is being run by Kent VAD 6.

Conscientious Objector arrested at Friends’ Headquarters in London

Douglas Ralph Bishop is arrested at the Friends’ Home Mission and Extension Committee’s premises, Devonshire Street, London.

Riots in Gravesend town centre

Anti-German feelings following the sinking of the liner RMS Lusitania trigger riots and looting in Gravesend town centre.

Sevenoaks welcomes Belgian Refugees

Sevenoaks residents have been opening up their homes to take in refugees from Belgium.

Daylight Saving introduced

The Government’s Daylight Saving Bill comes into force throughout the country in an effort to save fuel and lighting.

SS Mendi

At an inquest in Dover, a body brought ashore is identified as that of an officer casualty from a steamship which sank in the Channel in February.

Last sitting of West Kent Appeal Tribunal

Since the first sitting of the West Kent Appeal Tribunal, 6,164 appeals and applications have been dealt with by the Tribunal.

Teachers granted exemption from Military Service

5 Maidstone elementary school teachers are granted exemption from Military Service following an application to Maidstone Borough Local Tribunal.

Maidstone Waste Paper Saving Society formed

Waste paper collections in Maidstone are being organised by Agnes Conway, Honorary Secretary of the newly formed Maidstone Waste Paper Saving Society.

Dartford Library required for Munition Workers

The Minister of Munitions has decided that the new Dartford Library building will now be required to provide accommodation for munition workers.

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