Key developments in Open Educational Resources in the UK and the role that JISC CETIS has played.

One of the advantages of having being involved with JISC for a number of years (as a project and a service) is the opportunity to reflect on some activities that we've been involved in for some time. We thought it would be interesting to take the long view of some of our involvement with OER and reflect on what has worked and why, and where we think these activities are going next.

CETIS Technical Synthesis UKOER phase 2

Series of blog posts by R. John Robertson providing a techniocal synthesis of projects in phase 2 of the HE Academy/JISC UKOER Programme.

JISC Exchange for Learning Programme (X4L)

Focused on the creation of reusable learning resources and tools to facilitate their production and management

CETIS scope X4L metadata guidelines

The first full draft of the X4L Application Profile of the UK Common Metadata Framework was completed in early February 2003 and presented to the X4L projects. The application profile includes general guidelines for UK Learning Object Metadata implementers and specific guidelines for the X4L programme. The Framework identifies mandatory and optional elements and provides advice on the use of controlled vocabularies and classification systems.

JORUM is launched

A national repository to collect and share learning and teaching materials, primarily developed in UK Higher and Further Education, which has since broadened it's scope considerably to include a community bay and OERs


Aimed to encourage the re-use of high quality externally produced materials and to facilitate the transfer of learning content between institutions

JISC CETIS OER briefing paper

OERs: Opportunities and Challenges for HE highlighted the potential of OERs to overcome geographical, economic and demographic boundaries, to provide new opportunities for learning and teaching and to challenge and transform approaches to educational practice.

OER Programme Scoping Session at JISC CETIS conference 2008

Session focussing on OER (open educational resources) provided an opportunity for giving input to the He Academy/JISC pilot UKOER programme by sharing information and experience on open content projects and stimulating ongoing discussion and debate on the growing (OER) movement.

JISC/HE Academy OER Pilot Programme begins

Aimed to make a significant volume of existing teaching and learning resources freely available online and licensed in such a way to enable them to be reused worldwide.

OER Roundtable session at JISC CETIS conference 2009

Session which discussed technical issues that UKOER projects had anticipated, encountered and possibly even resolved. Members of JISC, CETIS and other community experts will be on hand to offer advice and discuss potential solutions.

JorumOpen launches

The national repository develops a parallel open area and is populated by UKOER projects. This is later incorporated into JORUM and loses the 'open' title as the repository moves tow ards general openness.

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