History of Social Media for Business

The history of changes made to popular social media platforms to accommodate business use.

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1994-01-01 09:14:54


Dave Winer's writes Scripting News, one of the first blogs of all time, paving the way for company blogs of the future.

1994-04-10 14:16:22

online forums

The WIT project from the W3 Consortium creates a web-based forum, the predecessor of the modern online forum often used for customer service.

2004-10-01 05:53:55


Launched. Businesses have a place to post their location, hours, etc., and publicly receive online reviews from customers.

2006-05-01 03:03:01


Expands to include work networks. People are now able to register for Facebook with ".com" or ".org" email addresses, not just ".edu" ones. People working within the same companies are now joined on the same network, creating more Facebook visibility for businesses around the world.

2007-02-27 08:46:47


JetBlue begins to use Twitter for customer service after its highly publicized February 2007 flight delays. This is one of the first instances of a company using Twitter for customer communication.

2007-11-01 07:32:40


Launches Facebook Ads, allowing companies to create custom ads that appear on Facebook.

2007-12-01 08:18:53


Launches the YouTube Partner Program, which allows accepted applicants to earn revenue through YouTube.

2008-11-07 22:55:09


Launches Pages for businesses and organizations. Companies now have a unique profile setup that fans can "like."

2008-11-12 00:24:31


Promoted Videos launched; it places a company's video advertisements adjacent to relevant searches.

2008-12-01 16:24:28


Partners with Oodle to launch Marketplace, where users can buy and sell anything from furniture to real estate.

2009-03-26 18:44:14


Launched. Users can check-in to businesses, helping to market them.

2009-06-01 03:49:39


Launched; it allows users to check-in to businesses, making them more visible across the internet.

2010-03-01 03:13:39


Launched. Businesses can create their own pages to market their products.

2010-04-15 05:56:24


Launches Promoted Tweets, Twitter's first advertising platform. Promoted Tweets are company tweets that are placed at the top of user Home feeds for more visibility.

2010-06-01 10:24:18


Launches Promoted Trends. Companies can advertise by having their names at the top of Twitter's Trending Topics.

2010-08-18 02:58:20


Launches Places, which allows users to check-in to businesses and increase companies' visibility.

2010-10-04 14:52:13


Launches Promoted Accounts. Promoted Accounts are company or brand accounts that are suggested to Twitter users who are not yet following them.

2010-11-01 17:03:19


Launches Company Pages. LinkedIn users can "follow" Company Pages, and companies can promote their products and services, get recommended, and post updates.

2010-12-01 00:50:50


Launches Enhanced Profile Pages (brand/company pages). Companies can create their own pages with features that will help them market their products or services.

2011-09-14 06:59:27


Launches the Subscribe button; users can now get updates about "people brands" that they subscribe to, such as celebrities or political figures.

2011-11-07 16:58:03


Launches Pages for businesses. Businesses now how have their own marketing platform on Google+.

History of Social Media for Business

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