NWSRA 40th Anniversary

NWSRA is proud to celebrate 40 years of outstanding recreational programming for children and adults with disabilities in the northwest suburbs of Chicago!

This timeline highlights some of the major accomplishments and partnerships built throughout the years, creating hundreds of thousands of fun memories for children and adults with disabilities since 1974.

Fairlanes Bowl receives Facility of the Year Award

For excellence in service to NWSRA programs, Fairlanes Bowl received the Facility of the Year Award.

NWSRA wins ipra Agency showcase

NWSRA wins the thirteenth annual IPRA Agency Showcase competition for its 20th Anniversary logo design.

NWSRA shatters Guinness World Record

NWSRA partners with Hoffman Estates High School to shatter a Guinness World Record, as NWSRA staff member Brian Selders gave 1,363 high fives in one hour to Hoffman Estates Students. The previous record was 408 high fives in an hour.

NWSRA wins NRPA Excellence in Inclusion Award

The National Park and Recreation Association awarded NWSRA for its excellence toward providing inclusive services. The ceremony was held in Houston, TX.

The first NWSRA program begins

Ice Skating serves as NWSRA's first program, beginning in January 1974. Kevin Kendrigan and Gerry Bartnicke partnered to implement this program.

Staff members are hired

NWSRA began with three full time staff: Kevin T. Kendrigan, Darla Kay, Dolores Swenson.

Hanover Park, Hoffman Estates and Schaumburg Join NWSRA

NWSRA grows as Hanover Park, Hoffman Estates and Schaumburg Park Districts become partners toward providing outstanding recreational programming to individuals with disabilities.

NWSRA hosts its first Summer Day Camps

Camps are held in 3 locations throughout the partner Park Districts from 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

First NWSRA Advisory Group Meeting held

The first meeting of the NWSRA Advisory Group is held to receive input and exchange ideas with parents, teachers, community facility staff members, etc. to improve programs and extended services.

Lighted School House Concept

NWSRA partners with various local schools and public agencies to utilize their buildings for recreational programs in order to provide longer and more diverse programs.

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