Night's Black Agents

This timeline tracks the characters, Ronald "Ron" Hanford and Angeline "Angela" Bailey, in their history and operations in the Night's Black Agents game.

Operation : (S)Entries

Coming into the operation for different reasons, the team gathers together for the first time to steal a laptop and it's contents for a shadowy benefactor that is keen on not letting them walk away alive.

Sarajevo & Gostilj - Gearing up

Learning of Dedopovic's possible likely betrayal, Ron and Luc collect equipment for the meet, things like assault rifles and grenades.

Dubrovnik - Mission briefing

Meet up in the Old Town part of Dubrovnik, Croatia. Rudek tells the team of the mission and the target.

Sarajevo - Eyes on Lennart

Team travels to Lennarts location in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Collecting intel.

Bugging Lennart's flat

Angela and Eve sneak into and plant surveillance devices in Lennart's flat.

Intel from Colonel Voll

Ron meets with his old friend and contact Colonel Lorens Svante Voll, stationed at the same NATO base as Lennart.

Gostilj - Scouting Delivery Site

Luc makes his way on his own to keep eyes on the drop site.

Sarajevo - Watching Lennart at home

Watching through the planted cameras, Lennart;s activities at home and his passwords are collected.

Sarajevo - Preparing for the swap

A decoy laptop is dressed up to replace Lennart's.

Sarajevo - Doing the switch

Eve sneaks into Lennart's flat while asleep and replaces the laptop.

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