4D - Immersive Spaces Timeline

In 2008 a permanent immersive experience was commissioned for Springwood Heath Primary School in Liverpool. Another head teacher saw the space and wanted one of her own - and so it went on.... Today, 4D are a multi award winning company, 70+ completed installations in both education and health care settings. This timeline has been built to show the ongoing evolution of 4D spaces across the whole of UK.


2008-01-15 03:24:41

1 Springwood Heath Primary School

The space where it all began.

2009-04-02 03:24:41

2. St Hugh's Primary School

Springwood Heath's immersive space was meant to be a one off; that was until the head teacher of St Hugh's School saw the potential for an immersive space at her primary school. The immersive space was developed as a space to improve communication and expression and, ultimately, a space where pupils could be transported anywhere in the world.

2009-07-07 06:29:42

3. Offerton High School

Having completed two projects, Ben was approached by the school he had been working in as a drama technician to create an immersive performance space. This was the result complete with theatre lighting and a lighting desk.

2010-02-23 06:29:42

4. Forest Lodge Primary School

Ben and Cathy worked with Forest Lodge School for a number of years before this space was installed. The eventual immersive space had previously been themed as a spaceship, a forest and an underwater adventure before we finally installed light, sound and projection. Now the space can be transformed into anywhere they desire in an instant!

2010-03-11 06:29:42

5. Heaton School

“It’s the only time I’ve seen an entire class enter the room and collectively say ‘Wow!’. The finished space was far beyond anything I ever expected” Colin Herd, Head of ICT, Heaton School, Stockport

2010-04-30 06:29:42

6. Witton Park CLC

“Students understand their objectives and own them. The space helps develop a wide range of skills including investigative techniques and collaboration" Katie John – Centre Manager and E-Learning Co-ordinator, Witton Park CLC

2010-07-01 06:29:42

7 Widnes CLC at Wade Deacon School

4D creative was formed as a company in July 2010 - this was the first immersive space that was installed under the new title.

2010-10-04 11:20:39

8. Parklands CLC

“We chose immersive as it dovetailed perfectly with our agenda to transform teaching and learning." Louise Mitton – Centre Manager

2010-10-22 11:20:39

9. New Bridge Learning Centre

Generously funded by the Karten Network, this space at New Bridge School incorporates light, sound, three areas of projection, an interactive floor and soundbeam technology!

2010-12-01 19:50:14

EnterPrize Award Winners

Our first award, given to us by New East Manchester - we were rewarded for our innovation and the potential for future growth.

2011-03-03 00:18:10

11. Newfield School studio

Newfield School’s interactive sensory space was designed to give the school maximum usage and flexibility. Traditional sensory therapies go hand in hand with physio sessions and curriculum based lessons. The studio space featured a new design idea – ‘magic projection screens!’ – a series of screens are hung on movable track, meaning they can create a smaller immersive zone for one on one sessions. The fabric chosen by our design team meant that projection is visible on both sides of the screens creating a new focal point and projection area to work with. The studio space also has giant corner projection onto movable panels so windows were still accessible when natural light was needed. Throw in an interactive floor, ceiling features and some hand painted artwork and you have a fantastic new teaching and learning tool for the whole school to work with.

2011-03-03 00:18:10

10. Newfield School Hall

“When the room was complete, we had exactly what we wanted rather than what was in a catalogue. The difference it’s made to the children has been phenomenal” Geoff Fitzpatrick – Head Teacher, Newfield School The first of our spaces at Newfield School in Blackburn was their new school hall - this gives the school a fantastic performance area and also a space that can be used for immersive lessons, sensory activities and physio sessions.

2011-04-28 00:18:10

12. Northway Primary School

A music room with an immersive difference...

2011-05-09 00:18:10

13. St Christopher's Primary School

"It’s the sort of area every school should have really. It’s definitely going to benefit us at St Christopher’s”. David Harrup, Teacher

2011-05-26 00:18:10

14. Hebden Green School

Click to watch a video of this space in action!

2011-06-23 16:20:16

BCSE Award Winners

Our next award came from the British Council For School Environments. We won in the Excellence in Design For Teaching & Learning category.

2011-07-08 00:18:10

15. Manchester Communication Academy

Find out more about this space by watching the attached video!

2011-08-19 00:18:10

16. The TEN Centre

The TEN Centre is run to to promote transformation in teaching and learning. We worked with the staff to install an immersive space complete with interactive floor. The Centre use the space as part of their training and CPD services, as well as providing exciting workshops for schools around Salford.

2011-09-08 00:18:10

17. Harwood Meadows

To find out more watch the attached video!

2011-10-10 00:18:10

18. Newfield School - Hydro Pool

Newfield’s hydrotherapy pool was a fresh challenge for us. We created a giant projection wall with hardwearing foam shapes including some pieces of the projection screens that can be used as floats for pupils in the pool. The space is all about getting pupils moving, and we’re already hearing great stories about pupils enjoying the 4D Immersive Pool.

2011-11-10 00:18:10

19. The Grange

This brand new complex in Manchester is a centre of excellence for children with Autism. The space needed to work as a traditional school hall, complete with climbing frame for PE lessons and also an inspirational 4D Immersive Space. The space can also be used a multi sensory room for the school to complete their usual sensory treatments. We fitted a brilliant 'spider' ceiling feature which added a focal point to the space and also cleverly carried all cabling where it needed to go. There are also two projection areas and our usual mix of professional quality LED lighting and crisp surround sound. We're also delighted to say the Grange project was nominated for a 2012 BCSE award for excellence in design for SEN schools.

2012-01-05 00:18:10

20. Rainford High School

A science hub space which was also the first of our installations to run on 4D create - our bespoke software was developed to make it quick and easy for practitioners to create immersive experiences and has revolutionised how our spaces are used.

2012-01-23 00:18:10

21. Croxteth Primary School

Our space at Croxteth was part of a brand new build project in the BSF programme. 4D were involved in all stages of planning so the perfect space was built for us to add our touch of magic to this new school.

2012-02-08 00:18:10

22. Matthew Moss High School

Our biggest space ever was this hall space at Matthew Moss School. The hall has been set up as a top quality theatre space complete with interactive floor.

2012-02-20 00:18:10

23. Broomfield South

Our first immersive space in Yorkshire was at Broomfield South School in Leeds.

2012-04-04 00:18:10

24. Four Oaks Primary School

As part of the BSF build project, we installed an immersive space. It enables pupils to go anywhere in an instant at the touch of a button.

2012-04-16 00:18:10

25. Orford Park

As part of the fantastic conversion of Orford Park in Warrington was the new Jubilee Centre. This new building houses a wealth of resources for the local community including a swimming pool, library and immersive space. This giant space has a huge projection area, curved wall seating area and interactive floor.

2012-04-23 00:18:10

26. Crescent Primary

As 4D continued to grow, we developed new ways of transforming spaces. Crescent Primary wanted a clean modern approach so we gave the room a smart fresh finish. The corner bench area also has a projection screen creating a great place to sit, think, share and learn.

2012-06-11 00:18:10

27. St Kentigern's Primary School

“We chose 4D creative because we wanted something better for our children” Paul Jackson – St Kentigern’s Primary

2012-07-20 00:18:10

28. Waterhall Primary

Water Hall is a primary school in Milton Keynes. They moved into their new building in 2008 and we had a really interesting space to work in. A large curved space used as a music room with massive windows, our challenge was to retain this functionality but also install a 4D Immersive Space.

2012-09-10 00:18:10

29. Stockport School

Our third space ever was at Offerton High School. In 2012, this school merged with Stockport School and so we moved light, sound and projection to this new drama space so immersive performances could continue for many years to come.

2012-09-24 00:18:10

30. Bridge College

At just 20 square meters this is our smallest space ever, yet it's perfect for the one on one work Bridge College use it for. Small in size, it is still full of light, sound, projection and an interactive floor. We also incorporated a hoist in the space so everyone at Bridge College can enjoy the immersive space.

2012-11-01 13:16:48

Educator Investor Awards Winners!

Our next award came from Education Investor Magazine. We won in the Use of Educational Technology category.

2012-12-03 00:18:10

31. St Matthew Academy

Our first London space was completed at the end of 2012 at St Matthew Academy in Blackheath.

2012-12-17 00:18:10

32. Croydon High School

Quickly following St Matthew Academy was our 2nd immersive space at Croydon High School.

2013-01-01 11:00:53

A new home: MediaCityUK

At the start of 2013 we moved into our new offices at MediaCityUK - the new space gave us room to expand and also gave us a space we could invite practitioners to come and explore what we do. It also gives us a prime location to spot various famous people from the BBC!

2013-02-04 00:18:10

33. St Mary's Deane Primary School

As part of a new extension at St Mary's Deane, we fitted an immersive space to go hand in hand with the school's passion for the creative curriculum.

2013-02-22 00:18:10

34. Mersey Care - Stoddart House

Our first immersive space in a health care setting. Our research project with Mersey Care NHS Trust is looking at the impact immersive experiences can have on people with dementia. The aim is to create a person centred approach using bespoke immersive environments. This may be used to relax or as a space to reminisce and share thoughts and memories. The work of the ward staff was rewarded in late 2013 with an award for innovation. Click the link to find out more.

2013-03-22 00:18:10

35. Sedgemore Care Home

The second of our healthcare installations - this time at a care home in Liverpool. Find out more with this ITV news story...

2013-03-22 00:18:10

36. Wade Deacon High School

For a full interactive tour of the space, click the find out more button now!

2013-04-01 00:18:10

37. Worsbrough Common Primary School

A giant hall space in Barnsley! Worsbrough Common has our biggest interactive floor yet. The school's head also wanted lots of design features, so the space has sails in the ceiling, artwork on the wall and a den making corner. Lots of great work is already taking place at Worsbrough Common's immersive space. Click the link to read the school's blogs.

2013-04-08 00:18:10

38. Heathfield Primary School

Our next space was at the heart of Heathfield Primary School. The space is just off their central library.

2013-05-02 00:18:10

39. Thomas Knyvett College

Click to watch a video exploring the immersive space.

2013-05-13 00:18:10

40. Corsham Primary School

This space is the hub of the school being in an open plan area accessible to everyone. It's also a unique space with a curved projection area that is on a sliding track giving maximum flexibility for the school.

2013-05-20 00:18:10

41. St Teresa's Primary School

St Teresa's extended their existing site with a new library and an immersive space. The school were looking for a way to transport their pupils anywhere from areas local to the school to the wider world. St Teresa's's is also located near our immersive space at Sedgemoor Care Home, and the two sites have a great, developing relationship.

2013-06-03 00:18:10

42. Someries Infants School

Click to watch a full video on the school launching their immersive space.

2013-06-14 00:18:10

43. St Hugh's Primary School

St Hugh's were the second school we ever worked with and in 2013 they came back to us for a second space. This time we weren't in a portacabin but a full room which included a full installation and interactive floor.

2013-07-10 00:18:10

44. Bewsey Lodge Primary School

Bewsey Lodge school in Warrington were going through a large renovation. The headteacher at the school had seen our immersive space at Orford Park and was convinced it would be the perfect new space for her school.

2013-08-01 00:08:45

First 4D Pop ups are delivered

4D Pop Up is our portable flexible immersive space that can bet set up in minutes. Just like our permanent spaces, the immersive experiences are created through light, sound and projection but now no longer require a fixed space.

2013-08-06 00:18:10

45. Woodcroft Primary School

A hall space used for a range of activities in Barnet became our 45th space. The original hall space had great architectural features which our design team incorporated into the new immersive environment.

4D - Immersive Spaces Timeline

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