Detroit Firemen's Fund Association History

The Detroit Firemen's Fund Association's history goes hand in hand with the history of the Detroit Fire Department and it's members.

1840-02-14 00:00:00

Fire Department Association formed

This group, the predecessor to the Firemen's Fund, was formed while the department was still comprised of volunteer fire companies. The Association provided relief and maintenance of disabled and indigent firemen and their families.

1855-06-13 00:00:00

Volunteer Fire Companies Disbanded

Fighting and political differences caused Common Council to disband existing fire companies and appoint 8 new companies

1860-10-04 00:00:00

First Paid Fire Companies

1866-03-16 00:00:00

Firemen's Fund organized

The Detroit Firemen's Fund Association was organized. The organization was designed to be similar to the Fire Department Association, except that it covered members of the "New Department".

1867-03-13 00:00:00

Firemen's Fund incorporated

The Fund was incorporated as a non-profit on April 13, 1867. The purpose of the fund was to assist widows and orphans, disabled firefighters and to purchase and maintain burial plots. Dues were $4 per year. Members off duty by reason of sickness or injury received $5 to $10 each week. The association defrayed the funeral expenses of deceased firemen, not to exceed $100.

1867-08-17 00:00:00

Burial Plots Purchased

The Firemen's Fund purchased their first burial plots at Elmwood Cemetery.

1867-08-17 00:00:00

LODD death

Just 4 month after the Firemen's Fund was organized, Pipeman John Miller E-3 was killed at a fire, leaving behind a wife and child.

1871-06-18 15:57:24

Fire Commission Order

Fire Commission ordered all members to join the Firemen’s Fund Association within 30 days.

1872-10-01 15:57:24

Firemen's Section of Cemeteries Purchased

The Firemen’s Fund Association purchased a section of burial plots for deceased firemen in both M. Elliott (Catholic) and Elmwood (non-sectarian) Cemeteries for a total cost of $1,000.

1874-06-30 15:57:24

Old Association Buys Burial Plots

The Fire Department Association (Old Volunteer Department) purchased a large burial plot in Elmwood Cemetery adjoining the section purchased by the Firemen’s Fund Association

1876-07-04 10:56:06

First Firemen's Monument Dedicated

The first firemen’s monument was erected in Elmwood cemetery and dedicated on this date. Both the Firemen’s Fund and the Fire Department Association (old dept.) shared the $4,001.92 cost.

1887-09-01 18:58:41

Fire Department Association Disbanded (old department)

The Fire Department Association (old department) dissolved. The Firemen’s Hall at Jefferson & Randolph, owned by the Association, was sold to the City Water Department. The fund held by the association were distributed in a variety of ways, including purchasing beds in St. Luke’s, Harper, and St. Mary’s Hospital to be available free of cost to members of the Old Department and early paid Department. Other money was set aside for continuing support of widows and orphans of former members of the disbanded association. The Association’s burial plots in Elmwood Cemetery and their interest in the Firemen’s monument was donated to the Firemen’s Fund Association.

1890-02-01 18:58:41

Mt. Elliott Cemetery Monument

Firemen’s memorial was completed at Mt. Elliott Cemetery at the cost of $2,965.

1922-09-09 19:42:26

First Firemen's Field Day

First Firemen’s Field Day held at Navin Field

1929-02-07 19:14:55

The Slate is Published

The first issue of the “Slate” was published by the Firemen’s Fund Association. It was discontinued in April 1932 due to lack of advertising because of the depression.

1932-01-01 19:14:55

Mutual Benefit Fund Organized

The Mutual Benefit Fund was organized to provide non-duty disability payments and death benefits to its members

1932-04-01 20:31:09

The Slate Discontinued

The Slate was discontinued due to lack of advertising because of the depression.

Detroit Firemen's Fund Association History

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