The History Of Coworking - Presented By Deskmag

We fished for facts in the depth of the internet. It ended up in this timeline with a brief history of coworking. And the history becomes longer, just tell us what you would like to add - by email or on our Facebook page.

Presented by Deskmag - The Coworking Magazine

1st Health Insurance Plan For Coworking Spaces

A local association of coworking spaces offers the first health insurance plan to members of coworking spaces in the state of Ontario (Canada).

The First Day Of Coworking

The first official so-called "coworking space" opened its doors in San Francisco on August 9 at Spiral Muse.

The Coworking Wiki Goes Online

Founded by the future co-founders of The Hat Factory in San Francisco.

1st Official "Full-Time" Coworking Space

The Hat Factory is the first space that opened full-time and called itself a “coworking space”.

Deskmag Goes Online

The 1st online magazine about Coworking is released on July 10th.

1st Coworking Conference in Europe

The first Coworking Europe conference took place in Brussels. More than 150 people from 22 countries attended the conference

1st US Coworking Unconference

The first U.S. Coworking Unconference was organized by Loosecubes and attracted around 200 people during the half-day barcamp.

One Of The 1st Hackerspaces Founded

C-base in Berlin, was one the first hackerspaces in the world. In 2002, they made WiFi networks available and promoted free public access to the internet.

Jellies Start As Global Movement

Jelly is started by two guys in NYC. Amit Gupta & Luke Crawford promoted mobile workers getting together in a casual work environment occasionally.

"Coworking" gets a new meaning

Brian DeKoven launched the word "coworking" as a way to identify a method that would facilitate collaborative work and business meetings, coordinated by computers.

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