Albright Art Gallery: Past Exhibitions, 1862-1912

The exhibition history for The Buffalo Fine Arts Academy and Albright Art Gallery from 1862-1912.

The Glasgow School: Exhibition of Paintings at the Albright Gallery

“The men of Glasgow school are especially noteworthy for their strength and refinement in color, their keen appreciation of values; and the feelings for decorative qualities which they involve in their work. They are not copyists of Nature; from nature they obtain impressions and suggestions, and upon these they graft much of themselves-and the result is their very own.” (The Buffalo Fine Arts Academy Notes)

Inaugural Loan Exhibition

The artists featured in the exhibition include Dwight W. Tryon, Thomas W. Dewing, and James A. McNeill Whistler.

Exhibition of Water Colors

“The American Water Color Society organized in New York in 1866 is the representative organization of American Painters in Water Color” (The Buffalo Fine Arts Academy, Academy Notes)

Exhibition of Paintings by Artists of Buffalo

“All the pictures in the collection are from the studios of Buffalo artists, who are represented more generally and adequately than in previous exhibitions.” (The Buffalo Fine Arts Academy Notes)

Paintings by Carlton T. Chapman, A.N.A. and others

“Early in his career, Mr. Chapman turned his attention to the study, representation, and interpretation of the sea and of ships. He has concerned himself with the moods of the sea and the sky, under sunshine, clouds, calm, and storm. He has informed himself regarding naval architecture and the equipment of ships from the earliest times to the present. Navel engagements have had a great fascination for him, and some of his best pictures have been representations of historic sea-fights.” (The Buffalo Fine Arts Academy Notes)

A Collection of Water Colors by F. Hopkinson Smith, and Other Works

“Mr. Smith’s work is characterized by the utmost simplicity and directness in expression. He sees clearly, grasps the salient points of a subject quickly and, with wonderful technical facility, paints his picture while the first impression and the enthusiasm evoked by his theme retain their freshness. In composition, his works invariably are effective and show excellent artistic balance. He has a knack for choosing attractive subjects and of presenting them so that the observer sees them as the artist himself has seen them. His pictures are bright, cheerful, often captivating, and are true to nature and to locality.” (The Buffalo Fine Arts Academy Notes)

First Annual Exhibition of Selected Paintings by American Artists

“This is the first series of exhibitions which it is hoped may be organized annually for the benefit of the Members and Associate-Members of the Buffalo Fine Arts Academy and other various visitors to the Albright Art Gallery, and for the advantage of the artist-contributors. It is the aim, in forming these collections, to exemplify the best achievements of the American painters of today; to show those works which, in future, will be regarded as the representative productions of the present period, and to afford appreciative amateurs opportunity to acquire paintings worthy of place in any collection.” (The Buffalo Fine Arts Academy Notes)

Second Annual Exhibition of Selected Water Colors by American Artists

“This collection of pictures was formed to serve a number of art museums working in conjunction. The director of the Albright Art Gallery was chosen to organize the collection and selected most of the works here shown from the Annual Exhibition of American Water Color Society held in New York last Spring. Most of the works are by Members of the Society. These pictures have already been shown in St. Louis, will be exhibited in Buffalo during the month of November, and from here those not sold will go to Detroit, to be exhibited in the Art Museum there.” (The Buffalo Fine Arts Academy Notes)

A Collection of Pictures (Oil Paintings and Water Colors) by Walter L. Palmer, N.A.

“Walter Launt Palmer was born at Albany, NY, 1854. He was a pupil of Frederick E. Church, at Hudson, NY, and of Carolus-Durn, Paris. Member of the National Academy, the American Water Color Society and the New York Water Color Club.” (The Buffalo Fine Arts Academy Notes)

Contemporary German Paintings

“It was the aim to organize a collection of approximately one hundred pictures to exemplify, as nearly as possible, the best work of contemporary German painters-particularly those men whose work shows the more modern methods of expression. The collection, as a whole, does not represent all the phases of contemporary German art. The artists whose works are included in the exhibition represent many cities of Germany; among them, Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf, Dresden, Konigsberg, Weimar, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, and some of the smaller cities and towns.” (The Buffalo Fine Arts Academy Notes)

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