Global Financial Crisis

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In the four months after Lehman Brothers collapsed, around 30 other banks in Europe and the US had to be rescued.;xNLx;A month earlier, economist [Nouriel Roubini predicted]( “this financial crisis will lead to credit losses of at least $1 trillion and most likely closer to $2 trillion. When I made this analysis in February everybody thought I was a lunatic.”;xNLx;Since then, studies estimate the cost of this crisis to the public at €1.3 trillion for Europe to $13.2 trillion for the US, including lost output. ;xNLx;This is equivalent to 139 Hurricane Katrinas, 72 Tohoku tsunamis or more than 3 times the amount spent by the US on fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. ;xNLx;Five years after Lehmans, the banking system has still not been fundamentally reformed. ;xNLx;Timeline created by [Finance Watch](, with special thanks to Caroline Metz and Iacopo Levenheck.;xNLx;

Lehman Brothers collapses

The first big domino to fall, triggering a market panic with its losses of USD 13.8bn.

Merrill Lynch sold to Bank of America

Merrill Lynch & Co. agrees to sell itself to Bank of America Corp. for $50 billion.

AIG bailed out

AIG receives $85 billion secured revolving credit facility from the New York Fed in exchange for a stake of 79.9%, secured by a pledge of a substantial portion of AIG’s assets.

Washington Mutual sold to JPMorganChase

JPMorganChase pays $1.9 billion for the deposits and branches of WaMu, a lender with $310 billion in assets.

Fortis dismantled

The banking activities of the Fortis groups are rescued in a EUR 24.7bn series of deals involving the Belgian, Dutch and Luxembourg governments and BNP Paribas.

Dexia recapitalised

Franco-Belgium bank receives €6.4bn in emergency capital from France, Belgium and Luxembourg

Ethias Group capital injection

Belgian authorities agree to €1.5 billion capital injection.

KBC recapitalised

The Belgian federal government decides to recapitalise KBC Group N.V. with €3.5 billion.

Major central banks cut their interest rates

In a coordinated effort to halt a collapse of share prices and a freeze in credit markets, six major central banks lowered their interest rates.

UBS in $59.2 Billion Bailout

Switzerland's biggest bank was forced into a $59.2 billion government bailout after piling up huge losses.

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