Future Nostalgia

Exercises in imagination. Future Nostalgia, a time line ...

Gasoline is ....

Global supplies of oil and gasoline become ...

Ice caps melt and increase all sea levels

Ice caps melt and increase sea levels so that old island are submerged and new island forms. Shipping boating swimming becomes essential.

Trans Rights Become Law in USA

The merged forces of grassroots activists and individuals create political actions until a shift in US law occurs.

Turn out Elvis is really alive.

Makes an appearance on American pop idol, and then taking for DNA testing after.

Apple release hologram technology

To rival Google glass apple releases hologram technology with touch pads and iphone technology. Worlwide consumer riots occur to purchases these then latest upgrades.

1st popular prime time North American t.v show with Asian protagonists

After China gains global contracts for road buildings and global infrastructure improvemnets. Surges in Mandrin speakers creates a global shifts in popular media.

First laws introduced to ban i & Google glasses while driving.

Excessive rises in car fatalities due to release of i & google web browsing map goggles

Lindsey Lohen makes a come back in Luxembourg

Lindsey Lohen makes a come back, becoming ultra popular again in the country of Luxembourg. Luxembourg was one of the smallest countries in Europe, and during this time period one of the richest also.

Surgery to increase height becomes possible

Surgery to increase height becomes possible, A list celebrites flock to the waiting list for the first heigh enlargment operations.

Tamagotchi make a come back

An upgraded version of Tamagotchi is, follwed by a decrease in global education and public service standards.

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