The History of Persia

A timeline of major events in the history of Persia up to the present day.

The Roshani Civil War

With Arashadir Roshan gone questing in Arabia, the power-hungry lords of the Persian cities engage in a bloody civil war, devastating the lands of Persia with their cannon fire.

The Son of Slaughter

Alexander III claims the throne of Macedon and ruthlessly suppresses the Greek rebellions incited by the God-Emperor. He marshals his forces and conquers Thrace with ease—a stark contrast to his conquering father's difficulties. Darius sends an army to oppose Alexander at the River Granicus near the site of Troy. The spear of Memnos is brought from Susa as a talisman of good fortune.

Elamite Rule

The Elamite Kingdom rules northwestern Persia from its seat at Susa.

Achaemenid-Median Revolution

The Achaemenid Empire joins the Median revolution at its founding in 700 BC.

Rule of Darius III Codomannus

With no information regarding Bessus forthcoming other than oral reports that he still blamed Darius for Arses' death, Darius had no choice but to proclaim himself God-Emperor. At the news of Philip of Macedon's assassination, he relaxed his guard in Asia Minor but successfully moved to foment rebellion in Greece.

The Siege of Troy

The Greeks lay siege to the city of Troy; during the war Memnon of Æthiopia is killed.

Founding of Susa

The city of Susa is founded by Memnon of Æthiopia on his way to Troy.

Achaemenid Conquest of Lydia and Phoenicia

Cyrus conquers Lydia and Phrygia and expands his realm to the Black Sea in the north and the Mediterranean in the west. Phoenicia is also brought under Persian rule with this conquest.

Conquest of Susa

Susa is conquered by the Elamites.

The Assyrian Conquest

The Assyrians conquer the Medean and Elamite Kingdoms and make Susa their capital.

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