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DMI - Collective Design

COLLECTIVE DESIGN consumer | citizen | society DMI Design/Leadership Europe 16 25-26 April 2012 Helsinki, Finland Collaboration is design's competitive advantage in today's world. Together with a laser focus on the user, design leads solutions to an inclusive, integrated, and inspiring process that transforms experiences for a better life—in the public and private sector. Join us as we reveal and elevate the power of collective design.

NRF Retail Big Show 2012

Retail’s BIG Show is where the world’s retailers and strategic partners gather once a year to share ideas, make connections, embrace technology and drive the industry forward. Last year, our 100th anniversary event drew 22,000 attendees from 82 countries. This year, we’re offering more than ever before. More challenging programming, more retail innovators, more opportunities to connect with colleagues, and even more space to move around in.

The Usability Week 2012 Conference

Many conferences offer cavernous exhibit halls, brief seminars on second-hand discoveries, and a sense of anonymity that can be truly alienating. Usability Week takes a different approach. Knowledge, Directly from the Source In place of scattered, shallow talks, Usability Week offers up to 6 days of deep learning as international experts lead full-day tutorials on topics such as: Fundamental guidelines for Web usability Applying information architecture (IA) principles Writing for the Web Application design Integrating social features on mainstream websites The human mind (how your users think) Mobile websites and touchscreen/gesture apps Course levels range from introductory to advanced; you can sign up for as few as 1 or 2 days or as many as 6. Industry leaders carefully design each tutorial to emphasize practical application, offering you maximum return-on-investment. Many sessions include hands-on training exercises that let you apply what you learn immediately; all ensure that you’ll learn tools you can use to improve your website, intranet, or application as soon as you get home.

Interaction South America 2011

Interaction South America 2011 é um evento de design de 3 dias que combina conversas inspiradoras sobre as atividades apresentadas por um conjunto de experts regionais e internacionais. Nosso objetivo é compartilhar conhecimentos sobre o Design de Interação e a sua prática. Alguns dos mais importantes nomes globais da área já confirmaram presença na edição de 2011.


What is the right customer experience strategy for your company? The right customer experience strategy is the one that will help you: Paint a vivid picture of how your company wants its customers to perceive it across all three levels of the customer experience pyramid: usefulness, ease, and enjoyment. Guide decisions about what you need to start doing, stop doing, or do differently in order to create a differentiating experience. Justify funding and prioritize the projects that get funded. Unfortunately, most companies lack a true customer experience strategy. What they’re left with is an array of disconnected programs and practices. As a result, executives struggle to identify the activities and processes that best support their brand promise and help them satisfy customers. The right customer experience strategy complements a company’s overall strategy, which defines its competitive positioning and sets brand expectations. Copying the tactics of other firms with different strategies won’t lead to success. Success will only come from identifying the strategy that’s right for your company and using it to bring business discipline to your customer experience efforts.

Design Thinking na ESPM - CIC Miami/Adschool

Serão utilizadas teoria e prática, apresentando conceitos ilustrados com estudos de caso e criando situações para aplicação dos métodos em sala de aula e em saída de campo. Objetivos: disseminar o conceito de Design Thinking como método para implementar uma cultura de inovação, capacitar os alunos a usar a teoria e as ferramentas do Design Thinking diariamente em suas áreas de atuação. Público-alvo: Profissionais interessados em utilizar o design como uma ferramenta estratégica para os negócios e para estimular a criação de uma cultura de inovação. Professores: Luis Alt é sócio-diretor da live|work no Brasil. Graduado em Design de Produtos (UNIVILLE) e Engenharia de Produção e Sistemas (UDESC), fez Master em Gestão de Design no Instituto Europeo di Design (IED) em Barcelona. É uma das figuras centrais no estabelecimento do Design de Serviços no Brasil. Tennyson Pinheiro é sócio-diretor da live|work no Brasil. Design Thinker e especialista em Design de Serviços,possui formação no Brasil e USA em Marketing, Tecnologia, Gerenciamento de Projetos, Experience Design e especialização em Branding.

ServDes.2012 Conference

Com o tema "Co-criando serviços" a conferência sobre design de serviço e inovação reúne profissionais do mundo inteiro. O evento faz parte do calendário oficial de Helsinki 2012 - Capital Mundial do Design.

UX London 2012

Três dias de inspiração, educação e desenvolvimento de habilidades para profissionais de User Experience.

UX Lx: User Experience Lisbon 2012

Evento de 3 dias que reúne profissionais de User Experience através de workshops e palestras.

Interaction '12

Conferência mundial sobre design de interação organizada pela IxDA (Interaction Design Association).

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