Wherever the Dandelion Falls

Violet comes out to Justine

Justine is supportive

Riley finishes graduate school

Riley is born

Born to parents Steve and Regina Montgomery in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Riley's parents divorce

Steve and Regina share equal custody of Riley and Kimi

Riley graduates college

B.S. in Biology and Neuroscience

Riley meets Dr. Turner

The rope splits

Riley goes out with Turner

He is a jerk

Riley becomes a bartender at O'Reilly's

Riley starts working at Jules'

Riley and Faye meet

They get it on

Riley and Faye hook up again

Faye is pretty confusing

Faye is sleeping with someone else!

Riley and Damon Break Up

Riley dates Maggie

Comes out to family as bisexual

Riley gets a research job with Turner

Riley and Faye meet

Faye interviews her about being a woman in a science profession

Riley meets Vance

Riley sleeps with Vance

Riley sleeps with Turner

He pays her. Awkward.

Violet works at hustle club

Violet starts work at Jezebel Rose

Violet meets Faye

Awkwardest interview ever because Faye is a shy little baby who needs cuddles in this strand of the story

Isaiah gives Schrodinger to Faye

Faye asks Riley out

Britt says yes

Riley starts dating Damon

Riley begins graduate school

UCSF class of 2012

Riley receives flowers

Sister Kimi leaves for College

Riley goes out with classmate Henry

Makes out with him, gets an undeserved reputation for being "easy" in her grad program

Riley and Justine become room mates

Violet comes out to Kimi

Violet starts dance classes at Swivel

Riley begins college

Faye's elevator moment

Faye's rope untwists

Faye asks Violet for sex advice

Faye and Riley's first date

Trip to emergency room

Riley and Faye go clubbing

First kiss

Riley meets Schrodinger

And tells Faye her real name

Riley and Faye agree to wait to have sex

Violet finds camera

More sex

Justine sets Riley up with girl

It fizzles quickly

Violet starts teaching at Swivel

Castle date

Faye rejects Riley for date

Justine's Birthday Party

Riley meets Vance

Riley and Faye go to get gift certificate

Faye admits to outing Callie

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