End Run

A basic guide for the events of End Run. The numerical representation is irrelevant to real life representation.


1910-05-05 22:58:15

Day of the Last Shot

A mysterious pokemon (Mew) renders all guns useless. Military is rendered confused and nearly helpless.

1910-05-18 22:58:15

End of the "Great War'

Military cease fire. Truce is made between Kanto and Johto.

1937-01-06 22:58:15

Invention of the PokeBall

The pokeball is invented. Experiments and capturing of pokemon begin.

1940-06-22 22:58:15

Beginning of 'End Run' the new war

Kanto and Johto begin their first attacks using the newly harnessed pokemon as their weapons.

1940-11-05 22:58:15


You choose a side: Kanto or Johto. Prepare for training.

End Run

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