Saxophone Models Timeline

Test project: timeline of sax models from several manufacturers

Buescher 400 "Top Hat" Models B7/B11

Lowest s/n: 297xxx; Highest s/n: 358xxx

Selmer Mark VI

Appx. s/n range for alto and tenor: 552xx to 2208xx Appx. s/n range for sopranino: 552xx to 378xxx Appx. s/n range for other pitches: 552xx to 365xxx

Selmer Mark VII

There are "officially" only Mark VII altos and tenors. Other pitches retained the Mark VI form. Appx. s/n range: 2208xx to 3155xx

Buescher 400 "Top Hat" Models S1/S20

Lowest s/n: 358xxx; Highest s/n: 381xxx

Buescher Super 400 Model S1/S20

Lowest s/n: 350xxx; Highest s/n: 401xxx

Buescher Aristocrat "Big B" Model 140/156/129

Lowest s/n: 294xxx; Highest s/n: 334xxx

Buescher Aristocrat "Series III" Model 140/156/129

Lowest s/n: 330xxx; Highest s/n: 351xxx

Buescher Aristocrat "Series IV" Model 141/157/S80

Lowest s/n: 352xxx; Highest s/n: 382xxx

Buffet Dynaction

New serial number chart. s/n 1 to 47xx.

Buffet SuperDynaction

Approx. s/n range: 47xx to 226xx.

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