CCIS History

In 2013, the Community Committee for International Students (CCIS) celebrated its 60th anniversary. Since its foundation in the 1950s, innovative and enthusiastic women and men shaped CCIS and enriched relations between Stanford internationals and the community to great mutual benefit.

Saskia Jogler conducted research for this project, investigating documents, oral interviews and photographs and composed the timeline stories). ;xNLx;Silvia M. Koch produced the implementation and graphical visualization of the timeline (

The foundation of CCIS

The early evolution of the Community Committee for International Students at Stanford University (CCIS) epitomizes a turning point in the importance of international communication and exchange in the United States.

Werner Warmbrunn

Werner Warmbrunn was always concerned and interested in students coming to the United States from abroad. During his tenure as Foreign Student Advisor at Stanford, he brought together local citizens with international students.

A Night in India

A Night in India was one of the first CCIS events dedicated to a foreign country, and the first CCIS fundraising event.

Emergency Loan Fund

One of the first actions of CCIS was to create an Emergency Loan Fund for international students.

CCIS becomes an official organization

One year after its inception, CCIS as a formal organization became a reality.

The first International Center on Lasuen Street

Soon after the inception of CCIS, it became evident a place for the newly established international activities was needed.


Henrietta Kershaw edited the first Communiqué newsletter, sent to all members at 4¢ each, the 1959 first class US postage rate. The early Communiqué was often a single-page black and white photocopy and was later available as an online version in 2003.

Friday Morning Coffee

What began as a monthly tea in the 1960s is now one of the best attended activities at the Bechtel Center.

Joan Lane

Joan Lane knew the local community residents very well. Thus, in the early period of CCIS, Werner Warmbrunn asked Joan to help make connections between community members and international students at Stanford.

Henrietta Kershaw

Henrietta Collbran Kershaw, a close friend of Virginia Page, joined CCIS in the organization´s first days.

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