History of the RCCO Ottawa Centre

A History of the RCCO Ottawa Centre

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College of Organists Created

College of Organists created.

Installation of Largest Church Organ in Canada

Casavant installs the largest church organ in Canada, a five-manual pipe organ, in Metropolitan United Church, Toronto. References and photo credit: The Diapason Magazine, September 1930, pages 1 and 35

Canadian Guild of Organists Founded

The Canadian Guild of Organists is founded.

The Diapason Magazine Founded

The Diapason Magazine is founded in 1909, publishing its first edition in December. The first edition features a article on the construction of an organ for Northwestern University by the Casavant Brothers. References and photo credit: The Diapason Magazine, December 1909

St. Matthew's Anglican Church Gets New Pipe Organ

Casavant Opus 376, 2 manuals, 21 stops. References and photo credit: Casavant Freres Archives

New Organ for St. Bartholomew's

Warren 1894 pipe organ built for Rideau Hall is donated to St. Bartholomew's Anglican Church. Reference: "St. Bart’s of the Village 1867 – 1967" by Zita Barbara May

St. Francois d'Assise Buys Pipe Organ

St. Francois d'Assise buys a Karn-Warren pipe organ from City of Ottawa for $1,500. The organ had earlier belonged to Knox Presbytarian Church, and had been purchased by the City of Ottawa for $10,000. References and photo credits: St. Francis d’Assise Archives

Imperial Theatre Installs Theatre Pipe Organ

Imperial Theatre, Bank Street, installs a theatre pipe organ built by Ottawa's Brouse-Underhill Organ Company. The April 1917 edition of The Diapason notes that "this organ is unique in many ways, one of the most important features being the installation of a grand piano in a swell box with the great organ and played from either the great or the accompaniment keyboard, as well as pedal keyboard." References and photo credits: The Diapason Magazine, April 1917, page 6; City of Ottawa Archives

Regent Theatre installs Casavant organ

Regent Theatre, on Bank & Sparks Streets, Ottawa, Ontario, installed a Casavant pipe organ (2 manual, 22 stops) in 1916. The Regent Theatre had 1056 seats, and in 1928 became the first theatre in Ottawa to play films with sound. In 1987, the Regent Theatre's Casavant pipe organ was moved and installed in the Chinese United Church, Bank Street, Ottawa. References: Casavant Freres Archives

Death of Noted Organ Builder Edward Lye

Noted church organ builder Edward Lye of Toronto is dead at the age of 91. He is survived by six sons and several grandchildren. References and photo credit: The Toronto Daily Star, Monday, November 19, 1919

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