Shingeki No Kyojin Timeline;

100 Years before

Humans develop a serum to become immortal/regenerate limbs

Cure discovered for titan serum

End of the first Titan war. The population in the Citadel is cured but outsiders are only cured if they convert to the Religion. Most of the outside population dies

Things go horribly wrong

Serum turns people into Titans, induces memory loss. A handful into conscious Titans

Conscious Colossi Titans turn into walls

Conscious Colossi create the walls to wall in the royalty (for whom the Serum was developed).

Research Begins anew on the Serum

Tests carried out on outside villages and outside populations. The improved serum creates Dancing, Armored, Female and a Colossus at least.

The awakened Titans form an alliance

Motives may include: Revenge on the royalty for turning them into Titans. Dancing may still be feral at this point

Awakened group infiltrates military

Aims to enter MP; Scouting and Stationary

Attack of the Titans

Something triggers the Titan's attack

Current Time

Story goes here

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