Bonnie Doon GC History

One of Australia's most influential golf clubs began with an assembly of 'golf mad cranks' at the home of Marrickville Doctor Charles Adam Patrick in 1897.

Now, more than a century later, it is a club with a host of traditions, the third-oldest in Sydney, and unique in that it has existed at three different sites. ;xNLx;Under its original name of Marrickville Golf Club, it was a 12-hole course amid what were then the estates and grand homes that dotted the hills of Tempe. One of these was the notorious 'cliff hole', which required a lofted iron shot to carry up the rocky face of a 15-metre cliff. ;xNLx;Membership at Tempe started with men, of whom many were bookmakers, jockeys and hoteliers, but very early, women were encouraged to join. The first ladies monthly medal was played less than two years after the club was formed. Subscriptions were all of 10/6, or just $1.05 a year.;xNLx;The club moved to a new site at Arncliffe in 1907, also prompting a change in name. Bonnie Doon was the title of the grazing property the club purchased - land included in Cook's original charter of Botany Bay - and that was the name chosen by a majority of members.;xNLx;Now the club boasted an 18-hole course and a grand homestead for its clubhouse.;xNLx;Following World War II, expansion plans for Mascot aerodrome included land occupied by 13 of Bonnie Doon's 18 holes. Members again picked up their clubs, this time moving to the present site at Pagewood.;xNLx;Taking over the much younger New Metropolitan Golf Club in 1947, Bonnie Doon's 850 members now played on a pure links-style course of wide fairways and natural hazards, carved out of sandy heath and banksia scrub.;xNLx;In the years since, the nature of the course has changed, the membership has grown and facilities have developed to bring the club up to Group One standard. But the character of 'The Doon' has remained - 'first and foremost, a golfer's club'.

1891-05-22 13:47:15

The Melbourne Golf Club Formed

100 founding life members start The Melbourne Golf Club.

1893-04-18 13:47:15

Inaugural British Ladies Amateur

Played at Royal Lytham & St Annes

1893-05-01 13:37:32

The Sydney Golf Club Formed

The Club was formed and started play on a links at Concord

1894-01-01 07:30:36

USGA Established

United States Golf Association established

1897-09-01 08:31:24

R&A Rules of Golf Committee Formed

The first universally accepted Rules of Golf from the R&A Rules of Golf Committee, formed in Sept 1897.

1897-09-29 19:43:08

Marrickville Golf Club Formed

At a meeting held at Dr Patrick's house, Marrickville-Road, on Wednesday, 29th instant it was resolved to form a club, to be known as the Marrickville Golf Club.

1897-10-16 21:41:25

New Links at Enfield Opened

Enfield Links formally open. Later named Strathfield Golf Club

1897-10-27 18:37:59

First President of Bonnie Doon

Minutes of the first meeting of Bonnie Doon Golf Club were confirmed on this day by Dr Charles Adam Patrick.

1897-10-30 21:41:25

First Monthly Medal

The newly-formed Marrickville Golf Club held its first monthly medal competition for a trophy of 18 balls, presented by the patron of the club, Mr F Gannon, on Saturday.

1898-01-18 01:15:40

Wollongong Golf Club Formed

Wollongong golf course was laid out by Messrs Dobbin and Kent from Royal Sydney Golf Club

1898-08-02 09:29:28

Wollongong Golf Club Established

Marrickville GC members travelled to Wollongong to recently formed Wollongong GC (1897) for a teams match. Marrickville won by 10 holes

1898-09-25 06:47:41

1898 Annual General Meeting

Annual meeting held after monthly medal round. Drive for lady members on the agenda

1898-10-14 19:40:27

AGU Formed

The Australian Golf Union was formed at a meeting in Melbourne

1899-05-26 05:26:22

First Amateur Championship of Australia

The Australian Golf Union was newley formed in 1899 as the first Championship of Australia was held at Royal Sydney Golf Club. Playing 36 holes each over 2 days, C.E.S. Gillies from New Zealand was the winner of the event with a total 314. Golfers of New South Wales, the Royal Sydney, Australian, Marrickville and Strathfield clubs were all in attendance.

1899-09-13 09:29:28

First Monthly Medal for Associate Members

The first monthly medal competition of the associate members of the Marrickville Club was played last week for a trophy presented by the president, Mr T F Tarbor. The weather, though warm, was very pleasant. Eight players competed.

1899-09-22 22:54:33

Lindfield (Killara) Golf Club site selected

The site for Lindfield Golf Club has been selected

1899-12-01 07:38:05

Golf Tee Invented

George Franklin Grant, an African American, Harvard School of Dentistry Professor, improved the 'perfectum' tee and was attributed as the inventor of the wooden tee.

1900-11-23 11:20:22

1900 Annual General Meeting

The meeting was held at Tattersall's Hotel, Friday 23 November.

1900-12-12 11:20:22

New Pavilion erected by Associates

The new pavilion was opened by the Mr Fred Gannon who expressed pleasure in seeing so many ladies present.

1901-09-01 09:29:28

1901 Annual General Meeting

The meeting was held at Cook's Hotel Tempe, Saturday 1 September

1902-07-05 10:43:45

Mossvale Golf Club Formed

A golf club has been formed using the links at Browley Estate

1902-09-06 16:12:15


Lindfield (Killara) V Marrickville

1902-09-24 22:59:57

1902 Annual General Meeting

AGM held September 1902

1903-02-09 22:24:55

Mr & Mrs Russell go overseas

The club wishes them safe journey. They will be travelling for some monthhs

1903-08-06 22:27:23

Lindfield Golf Club renamed

Lindfield Golf Club was renamed Killara Golf Club

1903-09-26 20:37:45

1903 Annual General Meeting

AGM held at Pultney Hotel, Cook's River Road

1904-09-01 11:44:32

Mr Kinnear appointed Superintendent

Mr Kinnear took over from an un-named greenkeeper who worked from foundation in 1897.

1904-09-24 10:03:10

1904 Annual General Meeting

Membership was increased from 40 to 50 members.

1904-12-14 20:42:51

Ladies win Interclub

The Ladies Golf Union decided in favour of Marrickville Club regarding the interclub premiership. A tie between Royal Sydney and Marrickville was decided on individual matches.

1905-03-09 06:52:37

Dan Soutar turns Professional

Dan Soutar applied for teaching rights at Bonnie Doon but was denied.

1905-04-01 10:47:41

Ladies win Interclub

AGM for Ladies Golf Union

1905-07-19 06:52:37

Dan Soutar Sets Record

Dan Soutar breaks Carnegie Clark's previous record (72) at Concord GC with a round of 70

1905-09-30 02:48:33

1905 Annual General Meeting

Club is in a flourishing condition. All retiring officers were re-elected.

1905-10-28 21:58:45

Dan Soutar wins Australian Golf Championship

M Scott (2nd) wins the Amateur Champsionship

1906-07-28 21:44:57

O.H. O'Brien wins the New South Wales Amateur

Marrickville member O.H. O'Brien wins the NSW Amateur with a 5 and 3 victory against T Cheadle in two rounds

1906-09-29 21:44:57

1906 Annual General Meeting

AGM held at the Clubhouse

1907-02-04 00:00:00

New links being prepared

Bonnie Doon, a property situated on the southern bank of Cook's River, was being prepared for playing order.

1907-09-28 01:48:51

1907 Annual General Meeting

The accounts showed a credit balance

1908-09-26 00:00:00

1908 Annual General Meeting

AGM held at the Clubhouse.

1909-01-25 21:56:03

Marrickville GC changes its name

The Marrickville Club announces the change in name to Bonnie Doon Club

1909-01-30 09:29:28

First Competition under new name

The change in name was greeted as a good thing by the journalists. The first competition by the newley named club was won by A. Mills (11) 4 down while W. Vicars (11) and G.Stewart (13) tied for second with 6 down.

1909-09-25 17:19:47

1909 Annual General Meeting

First AGM under the new name of Bonnie Doon Golf Club

1910-09-24 17:19:47

1910 Annual General Meeting

Second AGM under the new name.

1911-06-03 16:12:15

Bonnie Doon Open

Open Stroke competition with a cast of well known players

1911-07-23 07:50:12

Australian PGA Formed

A group of expatriate Scottish golf Professionals formed a national Association to promote the game of golf and elevate the vocation of the golf Professional within Australia. Dan Soutar was elected national Chairman

1911-09-12 16:12:15

Premiership Final (Major Penannt)

Killara wins Premiership Final, Bonnie Doon second. Bonnie Doon wins B Grade

1911-09-30 10:41:41

1911 Annual General Meeting

Held at Cafe Francais

1912-03-12 21:50:21

First Meeting of Bonnie Doon Golf Club Ltd

Final AGM of Bonnie Doon Golf Club

1912-10-05 10:41:41

Prosper Ellis Wins Stroke Event

L.E. Gannon Trophy won by Prosper de George Ellis at the age of 17 while still at Newington College

1913-03-29 21:56:03

1913 Annual General Meeting

AGM for Bonnie Doon held Saturday 29th March. The Club house was thoroughly renovated during the year

Bonnie Doon GC History

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