Northrop Genealogy

A Connecticut Branch of the Northrops

Always a work in progress...

1646-11-04 14:02:51

Joseph Northrup - Map

Joseph Northrup is shown on the Milford Town Plot map. He was not one of the original settlers, but arrived soon after purchasing the lot of Francis Bolt.

1836-05-01 04:16:03

William Fenn Northrop

William Fenn Northrop born Kent, Connecticut to Alvin and Sarah Wakeman Alvord Northrop.

1844-03-01 07:06:24

George Elmore Northrop

Born Kent CT

1846-09-01 11:31:39

Margaret Hannegan

Margaret Hannegan married George Elmore Northrop after he returned from the Civil War. Her father also served in the Civil War. They settled on Pequot Avenue, Southport.

1854-01-01 04:16:03

Jelliff & Northrop - Trinity Parish Hall

Trinity Parish Hall (Pequot Avenue and Center Street SW Corner) built by Jelliff & Northrop. William is about age 18. The Parish Hall looks much the same today although it has been connected to the church.

1854-01-01 04:16:03

Sherwood & Jelliff - Southport Savings Bank

Sherwood & Jelliff - Southport Savings Bank built. Some references attribute this to Jelliff & Northrop. It is likely that William played some part in the construction in any case.

1855-01-01 04:16:03

William Fenn Northrop - 22 Spruce Street

William Fenn Northrop home constructed ~ 1855. May be Jelliff & Northrop. William and family lived here for the rest of their lives.

1861-09-01 11:31:39

George Elmore Northrop - Civil War

George Elmore Northrop mustered in Connecticut Volunteers to serve in Civil War. He is about age 17 and living in Westport when he enters service.

1868-01-01 04:16:03

Northrop Brothers - 156 Pequot Avenue

George Elmore Northrop home. Not shown on 1867 Southport map, but may be earler thant 1868.

1868-01-01 04:16:03

Jelliff & Northrop - Pomeroy House 658 Pequot Avenue

Pomeroy House 658 Pequot Avenue. It is probable that William, age 32 AND George, age 24, worked on this home.

1869-09-02 09:41:07

William Fenn Northrop and George Elmore Northrop form Northrop Brothers Builders

William and his younger brother George form Northrop Brothers Builders. They also run a Building Supply company near the current Southport Train Station. They are highly regarded and build or renovate numerous buildings in the area.

1880-01-01 04:16:03

Northrop Brothers? - Godfrey House

Godfrey House and later the Methodist Episcopal Parsonage. It was originally across from the Pomeroy House but later moved closer to the railroad behind the Methodist Episcopal Church turned to face Center Street.

1886-01-01 04:16:03

Northrop Brothers - Moses Bulkley House

"Northrop Brothers, a prominent Southport lumher and building firm, received many of the contracts for the finest and most elegant commissions in town." In 1886-7 Northrop Brothers completed a significant expansion of the home including the tower and distinctive scrollwork.

1891-01-01 04:16:03

Northrop Brothers - Sherwood-Banks House

Sherwood-Banks House, 98 Banks Place. Constructed in 1850s with scrollwork added ~ 1891. The sawn scrollwork is nearly identifcal to that of the Wakeman B. Meeker House which has been attributed to Northrop Brothers.

1895-03-24 22:56:54

George Elmore Northrop - Chief

George serves as the very first Chief of the newly formed Southport Fire Department. The original building was next to Northrop Brothers building on Station Street, Southport.

Northrop Genealogy

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