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The timeline on early Christianity is presently in its infancy. It has been uploaded to provide those who might wish to help in its formation with a means to familiarize themselves with its style and purpose.;xNLx;;xNLx;IMPORTANT: This project is one of the largest of its kind, and will take time to reach a conclusion. In this regard many important topics on early Christian history, and certain viewpoints, have not yet been included.;xNLx;;xNLx;Using the Timeline:;xNLx;Individuals are assigned an entry in the timeline that best approximates the beginning of the activity or events that they are most associated with, and not the date of their birth.;xNLx;;xNLx;Entries are Coloured as such:;xNLx;;xNLx;Grey= Discussion Points ;xNLx;Blue= Groups ;xNLx;Purple= Texts ;xNLx;Red= Artifacts/Places ;xNLx;Blue= Events ;xNLx;Yellow= People;xNLx;

3 Maccabees

3 Maccabees

The Letter of Aristeas

The Letter of Aristeas (ca. 160-130 B.C.)

Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene (fl. 30 A.D.)


Erastus (fl. 60 A.D.)

Dating the Earliest New Testament Manuscripts

The Dating of Codex Sinaiticus

Codex Sinaiticus (ca. 350 A.D.)

EXAMPLE: Jewish Messianic Expections

[Discussion on various aspects of Second Temple Jewish Messianic Expectations...]

The Authenticity of the Apostolic Eyewitness in the New Testament (Video)

A lecture by Richard Bauckham

EXAMPLE: Pharisees

[EXAMPLE: Discussion on history and significance of the Pharisees]

EXAMPLE: The Birth of Jesus

[Example: Discussion over the birth of Jesus and the infancy narratives.]

The Maccabeans Struggle against the Jews Hellenizers

The Maccabeans Struggle against the Jews Hellenizers (167–160 BC)

The Women of Thessalonia

The Women of Thessalonia (52 A.D.)

Jesus on Divorce

Jesus on Divorce

Epistle to Diognetus

ca. 170 A.D.

Mary Magdalene (Video)

A lecture by Mark Goodacre

Maximus the Confessor

Maximus the Confessor (A.D. 580-662)

St. Augustine of Hippo

Augustine of Hippo (354-430 A.D.)

Mary of Bethany

Mary of Bethany (fl 30 A.D.)

The Emperor Julian

The Emperor Julian (331/332-363 A.D.)

Biblical Interpretation

Biblical Interpretation in Early Judaism and the Early Jesus-movement

The New Perspective on Paul

Hilary of Poitiers

Hilary of Poitiers (ca. 310-368 A.D.)


Flavius Josephus (fl.60-100 A.D.)

Galilee in the Time of Jesus

Galilee in the time of Jesus

The Second Temple

Virtual reconstruction of the Temple Mount circa 70 A.D.

The Dead Sea Scrolls (Videos)

Dead Sea Scrolls

Judaean Diaspora

The Jewish Diaspora ca. 30 A.D.

The Gospel of Thomas

The Gospel of Thomas

Dead Sea Scrolls

Dead Sea Scrolls. 2nd Century B.C. - 1st Century A.D.

Jewish Christianity

Jewish Christianity


Irenaeus (ca. 180 A.D.)

Is The Original New Testament Lost? (Video).

A Dialogue with Bart Ehrman and Daniel Wallace.

The World of the Lake of Galilee (Video)

A lecture by Richard Bauckham


Polycarp (70-155/156 A.D.), Bishop of Smyrna

The Nag Hammadi Library (Video).

The Nag Hammadi Library, introduced by James Robinson.

Four Gospels, One Jesus (Video).

A talk by Richard Burridge

Historical Jesus Studies Video Collection

Council of Chalcedon

Council of Chalcedon (451 A.D.)

Leo the Great

Leo the Great, Pope 440-461 A.D.

The Apology of Aristides of Athens

Aristides of Athens (117-161 A.D.)

Tischendorf and the Discovery of the Codex Sinaiticus: A Reassessment

A lecture by Daniel Wallace

Pauline Studies Video Collection


Plontinus (204-270 A.D.)


Pelagius (ca. 360-425)

Bar Kokhba revolt

Bar Kokhba revolt (132-135 A.D.)

Torah and Jewish Identity in Second Temple Judaism (Video)

A lecture by John J. Collins

Christianity and Classical Philosophy: An Overview

[Entry coming soon]

The Gospel of Judas (Video)

The Gospel of Judas (ca. 2nd century A.D).

Jesus' Parables

Jesus' Parables

Ephrem the Syrian

Ephrem the Syrian 306 – 373 A.D.

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