Extinct Animals

1627-04-01 00:00:00


The last Female died in 1627. They were often hunted people

1768-12-10 12:25:26

Steller's sea cow

Steller's Sea Cows were last seen in 1768. They had close relatives such as the Manatee and a Dugong.

1844-09-10 00:34:23

Great Auk

They are flightless birds and look like penguins.They became extinct in 1844.

1860-04-01 00:00:00

Sea mink

They were close to the Falkland Islands. There were prized for their fur. They became extinct from being poached for prizes.

1870-02-01 21:25:42

Atlas bear

The last Atlas bear was hunted by poachers in 1870. They were hunted to extinction for their fur.

1872-05-26 05:01:24

The Syrian Wild Donkey

The last Syrian Wild Donkey died in a zoo.They got killed in World War I.

1880-04-01 00:00:00


The last Tarpan became extinct in Ukrainian horse game. People can R-breed the tarpan back from extinction. They died in the wild at 1800s.

1880-04-01 00:00:00

Falkland Island wolf

People thought that they were hunting their sheep. So they got shot or poisoned the wolves.

1880-11-11 19:11:11


Quaggas are a cross between a a horse and a zebra.The last Quagga died in Europe. Back in the 1870's the quaggas in Africa were exterminated.

1895-09-15 07:00:04

Laughing Owl

1905-04-12 19:20:45

The Japanese Wolf

They became extinct in 1905 and they had rabies.They howled every night .They lived Japan.

1914-10-27 05:29:22

Passenger Pigeon

More then a million passenger pigeon lived in eastern North American in the early 1800's. Then they became extinct in 1914.

1918-12-08 10:23:19

Carolina parakeet

They were killed because women liked feathers in their hats and they stuffed the birds too .They became extinct in the 1918.

1923-10-25 09:00:49

Bubal Hartebeest

Used to live freely in Egypt, Libya, Northern Africa and Tunisia. They became extinct because of hunters.

1930-05-29 01:57:34

Schomburgk's Deer

They used to live in a nice grassland until they became extinct. It was hunted to extinction.

1932-02-04 20:57:26

Heath Hen

1936-12-19 21:40:03


They look like a dog with tiger stripes.They became extinct in 1936. They became extinct because farmers hunted them down.

1940-06-20 12:24:37

Toolache wallaby

They were hunted by grey hounds.

1940-10-07 18:06:18

Ivory Billed Woodpecker

They were last seen in United State before extinction. They were rare birds in America .For over 50 years people believed they were extinct.

1944-06-25 00:03:51

Laysan Crake

They were taken to extinction in 1944.

1957-10-25 06:42:20

Turanian Tiger

They used to live in China, Tajikistan, Iran, Afghanistan and Turkey. The last Turanian tiger got shot in 1957.They were hunted for their furs.

1960-10-20 13:00:22

Bachman's Warbler

They were in the list of endangered species in 1967. They lived in Louisiana,up in Kentucky and Maryland. They migrate in the winter to Cuba.

1963-07-24 20:38:02

New Zealand Thrush

They were last seen in 1963.

1966-07-12 21:42:01

Arabian Ostrich

They were extinct in the mid 20th century.

1968-07-23 23:32:44

South Island Bushwren

It's a tiny bird that measures to about 9 cm tall. The bird is almost flightless.They were last seen in 1968 before extinction.

1974-05-05 22:45:50

Japanese Sea Lion

They loss their habitat from WWII and commercial fishing.

1975-12-25 05:27:11

Round Island Burrowing Boa

They were the best-know species in Round Island.They were last seen in 1975, the year they were extinct.

1977-09-15 09:18:09

Colombian Grebe

The last seen in the 1977.They became extinct because of loss of habitat .In 1970 their population was less than 100.

1979-01-19 03:01:57

Dutch Alcon Blue Butterfly

They were found in Asia and Europe.

1979-07-31 06:51:45

Javan Tiger

Javan Tigers were a pest for the island so they killed them to extinction. They had long cheeked whiskers.

1987-02-15 12:47:26

Large Rodents

They lived in North America for 2 to 4 million years.They are closely related to the guinea pig.

1987-09-24 01:53:19

Kaua'i 'O'o

They were extinct from black rats and domestic pigs, because those animals carried sickness.

1989-05-11 21:11:42

The Golden Toad

They had a beautiful orange color on the toad.1989 was when the golden toad became extinct do to a sickness.They used to live in Costa Rica.

1989-11-06 04:48:54

Atitlan Grebe

They lived in a lake called Lake Atitlan.

1994-01-30 14:02:42

St. Helena Olive

In 1977 the last St. Helena Olive tree was found and became extinct in 1994. They became extinct from deforestation,and over-grazing.

1994-04-21 05:27:52

Canarian Oystercatcher

There food source was being over hunted, and the birds were dying because they did not have a lot of food sources.

1996-06-10 22:28:12

Zanzibar Leopard

They became extinct from deforestation.

2000-04-07 02:58:04

Pyrenean Ibex

They became extinct for a few reasons such as lung failure.

2002-12-23 02:36:43

Hawaiian crow

They were last seen in 2002. A sickness made the bird extinct.

2004-01-09 10:32:37

Spix's Macaw

They are known for their pretty feathers.They became extinct from Habitat destruction and illegal trapping.

2004-04-27 16:14:18

Mariana Mallard

They lived in 4 small Pacific islands.The last pair of Mariana Mallards found in the wild was in 1979. The last Mariana Mallard became extinct in 2004.

2004-08-14 21:55:59


It's also called a Black-faced Honeycreeper and was discovered in the 1970's. It became extinct because of habitat loss, illnesses, and loss of food source.

2006-07-25 22:56:56

Baiji River dolphin

The last Bhaji River dolphin became extinct in 2006 because of hunters and fishermen. They were nearly blind but they were actually very smart.

2007-10-05 21:43:41

Madeiran Large White

They lost their habitat because of construction.They were found in valleys of the Laurisilva and Portugal.

2008-02-18 18:30:19

Caribbean Monk Seal

They became extinct because of oils spills and pollution.They were also called the 'Sea Wolfs'. They lived mostly in the Golf of Mexico.

2008-07-04 23:57:54

Liverpool pigeon

2008-10-11 09:07:03

Holdridge's toad

They became extinct in October 2008 and they were not seen by humans since 1986.They became extinct from a disease.

2010-06-15 00:58:51

Alaotra grebe

They lived in Madagascar before extinction.They became extinct from habitat destruction.

2011-12-13 05:27:16

Western Black Rhinoceros

Scientists looked for the animal in 2006 and there were none left.They were confirmed extinct in 2011.

2012-06-24 16:50:38

Pinta Island Tortoise

They used to be able to live up to 100 years old.

Extinct Animals

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