Organizational Control Theory

This timeline shows the origins of the organizational control theory

Phillip Tompkins

Tompkins was recruited by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center because of his theories in organizational communication; his research and observations in the program later led to his theories of organization identification and concertive control

Max Weber

Max Weber came up with a theory of bureaucratic control and structure, but his research failed to specify a differentiation between the two

“A Study of Decision-Making Processes in Administrative Organization”

Herbert Simon wrote “A Study of Decision-Making Processes in Administrative Organization,” and is credited for establishing organizational identification in theory and scholarship


William Schutz introduced a theory of interpersonal relations that he called the “Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation” or FIRO

"Sensitivity Training"

Schutz led an encounter group movement, which promoted an open and honest sharing of feelings between members. Also known as "sensitivity training" or "humanistic psychology."

William Ouchi

Scholar William Ouchi wrote “A Conceptual Framework for the Design of Organizational Control Mechanisms.” He discussed three different forms of control used to achieve organizational objectives. These include outcome-based control, behavior-based control, and clan control

George Cheney

George Cheney published his master’s thesis called “Organizational Identification as Process and Product: A field study.”

“Power in and Around Organizations”

Henry Mintzberg wrote “Power in and Around Organizations” which identified five organization configurations (simple structure, machine bureaucrazy, professional bureaucracy, diversified form, adhocracy/innovative organization, and missionary organization)

Organizational identification theory

George Cheney and Phillip Tompkins develop the theory of organizational identification in their journal article, “Coming to Terms with Organizational Identification and Commitment.”

"A First Look at Communication Theory"

The book, "A First Look at Communication Theory" was written by Em Griffin and included Schutz’s FIRO questionnare

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