Sciapod Dairy History of Suffolk Cheese

For the love of cheese, researching the history of how Suffolk cheese was created and lost....

I am striving to recreate missing Suffolk cheeses and to develop some of my own. For more information see the blog: ;xNLx;Sciapod Dairy Diary;xNLx;;xNLx;Dates may be generalised where sources are not specific.;xNLx;;xNLx;

St Jude moves to Suffolk

Julie Cheyney moves St Jude cheese (whitewood Dairy) to Suffolk - joins the Crickmores at Flixton, Suffolk - note date to be confirmed

A Frenchman's Year

An account of Francois de La Rouchfoucauld tour of Suffolk, various references to butter and dairying

Framlingham Castle

Framlingham Castle acquired cattle from fairs at Clare, Diss, Lodon and Newmarket

The Jefferson Cheese

A giant cheese was sent to Jefferson in 1802, with the political statement "Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God."

Eaton - Suffolk Cheese

A definition of the method for Suffolk Cheese from The Cook and Housekeeper's Complete and Universal Dictionary; Including a System of Modern Cookery, in all Its Various Branches, Adapted to the Use of Private Families

Cheese Cement

Under Roman Cement in Eaton 1822 a reference to Suffolk Cheese being the best for making Roman Cement!

Sibton Abbey Herd

Sibton Abbey Herd doubled in size to 140 cows and started to experiment in selective breeding.

Quality Cheese and Butter

Suffolk had reputation for some of the largest dairy herds in the country and provision of quality cheese and butter


Moor's book on Suffolk dialect contains fabulous references to cheese including Wonmil and Bang

Bang - too large to swallow, too hard to bite

Bang was a flet cheese at its worst made from milk three times skimmed and azure blue.

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