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Welcome to the Pevensey Timeline, 2,000 years in the rich history of Pevensey— The Timeline currently has 104 entries, 1,896 entries until completion.

The historian Michael Wood, came to the locality to begin filming his landmark BBC2 series ‘The Great British Story- A People’s History’. He started the series here in Pevensey with the words ‘this is where it all began’.;xNLx;The inspiration for the project came from his words and the notion that by learning how to ‘weave some code', like the Bayeux Tapestry, the villagers, working together, could create something iconic for the modern age that would leave a lasting legacy in the locality and become a key profiling tool for the visitor economy.;xNLx;The Pevensey Timeline Association gratefully acknowledges the support of the Big Lottery Fund in establishing this project. Two technical staff and three tutors are supporting the work of up to 20 villagers, all learning how to research, edit and code the timeline for a public audience. We hope you enjoy browsing the timeline!!!!;xNLx;;xNLx;Dianne Dear, Chair, Pevensey Timeline Association, 9 September 2014

Caer-Anderida overrun by South Saxons

Caer-Anderida is Pevensey (Anderitum). It is mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles as a British stronghold overrun by the invading South Saxons under King Aelle in 491.

Duke William Lands near Pevensey

Duke William Lands near Pevensey - The Normans Invade England. The Norman invaders found an undefended sea, and an undefended coast when they reached England

Anderida—the castle the sea left high and dry

ANDERIDA the Roman fort, later known as Pevensey Castle is one of a chain of nine forts 'of the Saxon Shore; which was built as part of a huge programme of defensive works undertaken by the Romans during their occupancy of Britain.

Christina Rossetti—Letter to her brother—Visit to Pevensey Castle

MY DEAR GABRIEL, Thanks for your letter in proportion to its welcomeness what a word ! SOURCE: THE FAMILY LETTERS OF CHRISTINA ROSSETTI

St. Nicolas Church—Parish church built on site of Saxon chapel

In 1216 the parish church of St Nicolas was built very close to the seashore, on the site of an earlier Saxon chapel

Anderida—mention in Royal Charter 1252

Anderida—The Black Forest

Peter Sellers and the two hour show in the old St. Wilfrid's hall

Peter Sellers Two hour show in the old St. Wilfrid's hall

The Saxon name, Pevensey

The name Pevensey means island or marsh of Pefen or Peofena, a Saxon


Smuggling was widespread. It was not unknown for mounted dragoons to be attacked by a band of smugglers. It was not only the collecting of goods from boats, but taking bales of wool to be smuggled into France. At one time Pevensey had its own Militia (see badge at the Court House).

Ethel Mary Wood

In tribute to the late Ethel Mary Wood (15 April 1912—31 January 2000)

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