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The THERMOCOOL® Catheter—the world’s first irrigated-tip catheter is launched in Europe. This innovative catheter allowed electrophysiologists to apply the power they needed to create successful ablations while maintaining a cooler tip-to-tissue temperature, making ablation safer and more effective.

CARTO® 3 System

The CARTO® 3 System revolutionizes 3D mapping technology by increasing the accuracy, speed, and efficiency of the procedure through Advanced Catheter Location (ACL) technology, Fast Anatomical Mapping (FAM), and the CONNECTION OF CHOICE™ patient interface unit.

LASSO® Catheter

The LASSO® Catheter is introduced. The world’s first circular mapping catheter, it allows clinicians to capture recordings from the pulmonary veins with electrodes arranged in a circular shape, capturing more readings in a single pass. It makes pulmonary vein mapping faster and easier, and was a major breakthrough in understanding AFib.*


The CARTOMERGE® Image Integration Software Module combines precision CARTO® XP System maps with pre-acquired 3D CT or MRI images. The “merged” image projected over the heart provides unmatched patient mapping customization.


The THERMOCOOL® SF Catheter, with surround flow technology enables greater irrigation coverage at the catheter tip, and the unprecedented cooling efficiency of our advanced catheter design delivers uniform cooling at half the flow rate.*

CARTO® 3 MEM Version

The CARTO® 3 MEM Version Module introduces simultaneous acquisition of multiple mapping points with a greater level of detail and procedure efficiency through the innovative MEM-enabled LASSO® NAV eco, PENTARAY® NAV and DECANAV™ Catheters.

Fluoro Reduction

Today we made a huge step to reduce fluoro exposure for doctor and a patient. Our solutions include: - Ultrasound integration - FAM/ACL - Curve Visualization - Carto ALARA The future will bring improved workflow and a better visualization in the body

Comprehensive EP Lab

Even today we are offering a set of solutions for EP lab including Recording system, a generator, a simulator. The future will bring more integration in the work of different technologies in the lab.

Future AF Solutions

The science is moving towards allowing technology to create better ablation strategies and Biosense Webster will be on the forefront of innovation. The future solutions for treatment of Atrial Fibrillation that are emerging now are: - Validation of long-term success - Targeting AF at the source - Treating later-stage AF - More efficient ablations

VISITAG™ Module / PASO™ Module

The VISITAG™ Module is electrophysiology’s first technology to incorporate parameters of lesion formation that can be indexed by the user according to their ablation strategy. It visually confirms delivery of user-defined ablation parameters. The PASO™ Module streamlines pace mapping and facilitates faster identification of the arrhythmia target site by automatically comparing pace mapping signals with arrhythmia signals.

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