Human Ecology @ ESA 1940-1960

This is a practice time-line to capture evidence of Human Ecology activity within ESA around the 1950s

Trial only by Robert Dyball (Chair Human Ecology Section ESA

ESA XXVI Philadelphia.

Friday afternoon on December 27 session on Human Ecology. Chas A. Adams and Paul Sears Discussion Leaders


Paul Sears presents on "Population, resources, and cultural patterns in Ohio" Wednesday Afternoon Session, December 31 in a General Session on Bio-ecology with B. C. Tharp, Presiding

ESA XXVIII New York City (Cancelled)

Paul Sears submitted an abstract for the 1942 New York City conference. Although the conference was cancelled, due to the war, his proposal is of interest due to its similarity to Paul Ehrlich's I=PAT equation. Paul Sear's concluding paragraph read "It follows that scientific efforts to conserve resources must take the form of consciously modifying the form of cultural activities in so far as they affect both resources and population. If this is a truism, there is little evidence that contemporary civilization appreciates that fact."

ESA XXIX Cleveland

Conference was joint with AAAS Education Section (Section Q) and there is evidence of concern for ecology in education.

Role of Standing Committees

During the early war years meetings were cancelled and program activity of ESA was reduced. Standing committees carried a significant load in maintaining activity.


A proposed November annual meeting in Chicago, joint with AAAS, did not eventuate. A meeting was held at Gibraltar Island, Put-in-Bay, Ohio, September 14-16, 1943 Paul Sears was elected ESA Vice President


Paul Sears presented in a session organised by the Committee on Applied Ecology chaired by Charles C. Adams with a paper "The Importance of Ecology in the Training of Engineers". In it he articulates the key principle of physical sustainability, namely "Human activity and achievement exist by virtue of the processes through which solar energy and inorganic substances are transformed by living organisms into food and other essential raw materials".

International Technical Conference on the Protection of Nature

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the International Union of the Protection of Nature (IUPN - now the International Union for the Conservation of Nature - IUCN) held a conference on the Protection of Nature at Lake Success. ESA member John P. Shea presented a paper at this conference, "Human Relations: An Essential Factor in Resource Protection and Use". Following this UN/UNESCO requested ESA to endorse this resolution and provide input on the "development of an adequate methodology for Human Ecology", This lead directly to the founding of the ESA Committee on Human Ecology.

ESA XXXV Columbus, Ohio

John Shea presents on The Human Ecology Approach to Problems in Conservation. E. Lucy Braun, ESA President Elect was presiding. The Human Ecology Committee has not yet been formally constituted.

ESA XXIV New York City

Paul Sears, as past president, presented on 'The Living Landscape'

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