Final Days of Bounty

This timeline marks the final days of the sailing vessel Bounty according to the testimony of the surviving crew.

All times are approximate. The events in this timeline were drawn from the public hearings conducted by the U.S. Coast Guard and NTSB in February of 2013.;xNLx;;xNLx;Notes are provided for consideration and discussion and are the opinion of the author alone.

Problem with bilge pumps reported

Pumps (electric bilge) were not charging hose for deck wash as normal. The pressure was low, even directly from the sea intake. Sanders checked and decided it was because bilges were dry. (Not consistent with problem during washdown as pumps drew from sea valve.) Walbridge was told of the problem by Barksdale and Prokosh - Walbridge thought they were fine. Walbridge knows his ship's dewatering capabilities are suspect to several members of his crew, several of the ship’s officers also know there may be a problem. While some thought the pumps were fine, there was no maintenance done in New London. The pumps weren't internally inspected for damage to the impellers, and the backup hydraulic pumps were not tested. The ship’s backup gasoline-powered dewatering pump was not tested.

Walbridge Email - We are not in danger

Email to Simonin: "We are taking on Water. We will prbably need assistance in the morning. SAT phone not working very good. We have activated the EPIRB. We are not in danger tonight, but if conditions don't improve on the boat we will be in Danger tomorrow. We can only run generator for a short time. I just found out that filters you got were the wrong filters. Let me know when you have contacted the USCG so we can shut the EPIRB off. The boat is doing great, we can't dewater. (sic)"

Crew returns to Bounty

Crew returns to Bounty from sub tour with Navy.

Day Sail with Navy

Navy crew from submarine take a day sail with Bounty crew and following the sail the Bounty crew visits the sub base for a tour.

First Mate Disagrees with plan to sail

In a side meeting on the dock, Svendsen discusses with Walbridge that expected winds on track are up to 60 knots and 25 foot seas. Walbridge told him the ship could handle it. Svendsen disagreed with Walbridge and offered several options other than sailing. Walbridge was "not receptive."

Walbridge: "It's Time To Go"

Walbridge tells his Mate, "It's time to go."

Captain Walbridge holds crew meeting

Captain Walbridge holds a meeting with all crew by the capstan. He said that he intended to sail for Saint Petersburg, FL, and that if anyone wanted to leave, they could. Despite his objections, John Svendsen never voiced his differing opinion to the crew. When asked why not, Svendsen said, “Out of respect for the chain of command.”

Bounty Leaves New London

Bounty leaves New London, CT - with a crew of 16.

Royal Down

Groves brings royal yard down to deck / lashed everything down - continued sea stowing - rigged jack lines. Crew continues sea stowing.

Generator shifting in mounts

Port generator moving in its mounts - nuts back off bolts - shut down port and started the starboard generator. (Time not known - Barksdale's testimony.)

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