Net neutrality in Europe

This timeline shows the key moments in the net neutrality debate in Europe in the last six years. The campaign for strong rules - to safeguard privacy and freedom of expression online - ended on 30 August 2016. Bearing in mind that the initial legislative proposal was quite the opposite of net neutrality, civil society was able to score a huge success and obtained strong rules for Europe, as a global standard-setter.

Start of BEREC Stakeholder Dialogue

The BEREC meeting with civil society preceded the 20-working-days public consultation that BEREC aims to hold in June 2016.

Relaunch of the "Save the Internet" platform to collect input for the BEREC consultation.

Reviewed version of the Council Presidency "compromise text"

Council's position overturns EU Parliament's position on net neutrality and tries to replace the open Internet with a network that permits discrimination and arbitrary interferences with data traffic.

Price discriminations reported by Digital Fuel Monitor

Digital Fuel Monitor listed 75 different examples of price discrimination happening in the market in Europe

Two telcos fined for net neutrality violations in Netherlands

Dutch Comsumer Authority ACM fines KPN and Vodafone for unjustified discriminatory practices.

Council adopts First Reading Position

The Council of the European Union adopts the trilogue agreement as its first reading position, published by the Council.

EU Parliament calls for Net Neutrality

New mandate fot the Council

The Council produces a new mandate slightly changing the Latvian Presidency text of 27 May 2015

Council text is sent to the States delegations

The Council text version is sent to Member States delegation.

Neelie Kroes writes a letter to MEPs on net neutrality

On 1 April, Neelie Kroes writes a letter to MEPS to lobby against net neutrality.

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