Workers' Compensation History Project

Welcome to a timeline of workers' compensation history. This is a collaborative project-in- progress, created in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the release of Sir William Meredith's final report with principles and options for providing just compensation for the injured worker.

Bill 99 Becomes Effective

Bill 99 (Workplace Safety and Insurance Act) was the most negative piece of legislation in Ontario's workers' compensation history

Injured Workers' Day

They came to the Legislature in such numbers the Parliamentary Committee was forced to hold its public hearings outdoors

Accident Bill

Otto Von Bismarck's social insurance program introduces the world's first state-run workers' compensation system.

Workmen's Compensation Act, 1897

The new law gave workers a no-fault alternative to common law claims against the employer.

Workers’ Compensation for Accidents Act 1900

By 1891 there were more deaths from work-related accidents in N.Z. than in Britain..

The Woodhouse Report

Royal Commission recommends a no-fault independently-administered accident compensation system

NZ's Accident Compensation Act 1972

The 1972 and 1973 Amendment Act integrate workers' compensation into a comprehensive, compulsory, national, no-fault accident insurance compensation system.

Meredith Commission Begins

Labour movement pressure and business discontent with "this nuisance of litigation" lead government to consider new policies for compensation of workplace accidents which continue to climb at alarming rates.

World War I begins

The "war to end all wars" saw almost one-third of soldiers return wounded. Industrial injuries were also heavy

Ontario WCB established

With Ontario's 1914 Act in effect Jan. 1915, the WCB sets up in offices in St James Square in the Normal School buildings.

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