#Edmooc Digital Artifact.

I wanted a digital artifact that was a souvenir of my #edcmooc journey - a record of this extraordinary MOOC learning event. which has taken me down a new track. The timeline fitted the bill as a living document which I will continue to add to.

The timeline is explores how edcmooc worked as a learning experience; to formulate course ideas, discuss themes, connect through digital communication methods and web tools and plan forward. ;xNLx;;xNLx;I divided my Timeline into Course Content and Experience. You can navigate the timeline by using the ruler at the bottom or clicking on the first post and navigating through with the arrows at the bottom of the page. I hope you enjoy it.


My inital blogs oppose gaming having seen the bad side however my view is changing thanks to #edcmooc friends and Gabe Zichermann. This was reinforced by talking to my young gaming friends ths weekend and sharing some of my #edcmooc learnings around gamification. They really wanted to talk about this candidly. Many of them game secretly and play at high levels with their friends but are unable to share their achievements with adults, like me, who fear the unpleasant side we do not understand. I have subsequently had reports that they are actively talking about gamification amongst themselves and their parents - the good and the bad. When we take an oppositional stand we miss opportunities to hear. Zichermann had made pleas for us to understand connections that make gaming train the violent to be better at being violent and addiction and mitigate them. He also says gaming makes them smarter (and I do agree with that).


I loved doing this. Course set questions to which we all answered, sometimes retweeted, replied, favorited. Afterwards awesome chart showing what it looked like. Brilliant fun - felt very connected to peers here and part of something much bigger. Click more to see amazing graph of chat.

#Edcmooc Journey Begins

Linda tells me about Mooc today after we happened to be talking about e-learning - can't believe a course like this exists out of University of Edinburgh. Already a Scottish fan due to Grandmother. Sign up along with 41,000+ others for my first MOOC.

Week 1 Utopia or Dystopia

Technological Determinism says that technology is not a ‘tool’ - drives change and creates society, not the other way around. Videos painted a dystopic scene. Prensky's Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants article got me thinking about redundant metaphors. (click Find out more)

First MOOC Hangout

Brilliant - provided direct connection with UoE Teaching team and set the course outline in context. I wonder if everyone friended the team members like I did wherever I saw them? Tangible connection with teacher?

Technological Fast Track

From Tech Cautious to setting up Blog, Google+, Facebook, Twitter. Timeconsuming but beneficial. Made learning experience alive connecting with others. Google+ and Twitter were favorites and I liked blogging.. Determined to focus on course resources with time restraints. Click find out more to get to My Blog.

Week 2 Future Shock

Great videos evoked despairing dystopic views of the future. Day of Glass a sterile dystopic advertorial, Sight a creepy prophecy of gamification gone mad. Charlie 13 ressurrecting hope in humanity. Robertsons article on Metaphor challenges us to take care when selecting internet metaphors and not to be constrained by them.

Glasses Turn a Shade of Rose Amidst Dystopia

Charlie 13 turned me. It takes a while to download but glad I did. Was negative about dystopia but Charlie 13 reminded me of the human spirit and capacity for independence and set the tone for me about the techological future and transhumanism and the resilience of humans. Click to My Blog

Week 3 Human's in Ascendancy

Building on Charlie 13 some brilliant videos like the amazing Toyota, the Real Deal, Meat, World Builder. Here we considered that human nature and human ways of being may be under threat by technology, and that this has the potential to undermine the basis of our commitment to humanist ideas which underlie many educational philosophies and approaches to practice, such as equality, freedom and autonomy. Sense of humanity triumphing though.

Image Creation Competition

Loved this activity. Played with many web tools of varying complexity but a edcmooc friend said Keep it Simple. Used picmonkey.com . Here's mine to celebrate Valentines Day and awful Patrick out of the Sight video.

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