200 Years of 'Oak Alley'

Oak Alley was established as a Sugar Cane Plantation: built on slavery, designed by wealth, serving White Gold. But its story did not begin when the mansion was built, or end with the Civil War. Here is a brief overview of the history and many people who impacted and were impacted by, this estate. ;xNLx;

Oak Alley Foundation is Established

Mrs. Stewart dies at Oak Alley

Valcour Aime purchases the property

Jacques and Celina Marry

Jacques Telesphore Roman is born

Celina Pilie is Born

Louise Josephine Roman is born

Jacques Roman Acquires Oak Alley

Jacques builds the Mansion

Octavie Roman is Born

Marie Therese Octavie Roman, like all of the Roman children, was born in New Orleans.

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