History of Glass Eye Pix

Glass Eye Pix is the fierce independent NYC-based production outfit headed by art-horror auteur Larry Fessenden. Fessenden has operated the company since 1985, with the mission of supporting individual voices in the arts.

Tales From Beyond the Pale live at Fantasia 2015

7/27/2015: Tales From Beyond the Pale presents 3 new stories at Fantasia Fest in its first ever Canadian performance. With stories by Fessenden, McQuiad and series newcomer, Douglas Buck. Featuring the voice talents of Jeremy Gardner and Tony Todd.

Stray Bullets screening at IFC

4/28/2016: Jack Fessenden hosts cast and crew screening of his debut feature STRAY BULLETS on 4/28/16 at the IFC Center, NYC.


5/3/2016: Fessenden appears on Callback, Produced by Zabriski Films In Association with Glass Eye Pix, directed and co-written by AMERICAN JESUS co-producer Carles Torras snags best picture award at the Malaga Film Festival.


Dir: Kelly Reichardt- A contemporary retelling of the legend of Billy Joe McAllister.

Satan Hates You

Dir: James Felix McKenney- The Devil made them do it.

River of Grass

Dir: Kelly Reichardt- A road movie that never gets on the road; a crime story without a crime; a love story with no love.

The Delta

Dir: Ira Sachs- A white suburban boy and a Vietnamese man run away on a boat down the Mississipppi River.

Santo Domingo Blues

Dir: Alex Wolfe- The bachata story.

Escape Artists

Dir: Michael Laurence- Everyone loves an illusion. Everyone hates a lie.

Zombie Honeymoon

Dir: David Gebroe- In sickness and in heath.

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