Oh! The Places she went!

Susan B. Anthony spent more than fifty years waging campaigns for a woman's right to vote. Come along with us for this one year, 1871, to learn how one of the word's greatest non-violent revolutions was waged, one whistle stop at a time. . .

This timeline traces Susan B. Anthony on her campaign for woman suffrage in one particular year.

1871-01-11 00:00:00

Third National Woman Suffrage Association Convention

Washington, D.C.

1871-02-07 23:42:51

The Shocking Reform Dress - Bloomers

Council Bluffs, Iowa

1871-04-08 23:42:51

The Power of the Ballot

Chicago, Illinois

1871-05-05 23:42:51

Suffragists are not "Free Lovers"

New York, New York

1871-06-08 23:42:51

Riding the Transcontinental Railroad

Chicago, Illinois

1871-06-25 23:42:51

The Promised Land

Cheyenne, Wyoming Territory

1871-06-30 23:42:51

Speaking to the Mormons

Salt Lake City, Utah

1871-07-12 23:42:51

The murderess "victim" Laura D. Fair

San Francisco, California

1871-07-22 00:00:00

A Side Trip to Yosemite

Yosemite Valley, California

1871-09-06 23:42:51

Sea Sick Travel to the "New Northwest"

Portland, Oregon

Oh! The Places she went!

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