Oh! The Places she went!

Susan B. Anthony spent more than fifty years waging campaigns for a woman's right to vote. Come along with us for this one year, 1871, to learn how one of the word's greatest non-violent revolutions was waged, one whistle stop at a time. . .

This timeline traces Susan B. Anthony on her campaign for woman suffrage in one particular year.

Third National Woman Suffrage Association Convention

Washington, D.C.

The Power of the Ballot

Chicago, Illinois

Suffragists are not "Free Lovers"

New York, New York

Riding the Transcontinental Railroad

Chicago, Illinois

Speaking to the Mormons

Salt Lake City, Utah

The murderess "victim" Laura D. Fair

San Francisco, California

Sea Sick Travel to the "New Northwest"

Portland, Oregon

The Great Chicago Fire

Olympia, Washington

Crossing the Border into Canada

Victoria, British Columbia

The Long Journey Home

Nevada to Washington, D.C.

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