British Chinese Workforce Heritage 英國華人職業傳承史

This timeline displays the history of Chinese workers in the UK from the seventeenth century to the present day. Development and Research: Rosa Kurowska. Translation: Elise Zhi Li; Steven Shi; Aubrey Ko. Photography: Ming-Ai (London) Institute) Illustration: Ryszard Rybicki 2009.

1600-01-01 09:13:45

European anatomy arrives in China 歐洲的解剖學知識傳至中國

European knowledge of anatomy arrived in China from the 17th century onwards in the form of translations by Jesuit missionaries, but without any obvious therapeutic use it would have had little more than curiosity value.

1602-01-22 08:36:44

Dutch East India Company formed 荷蘭東印度公司成立

The Dutch United East India Company (Dutch:Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie, VOC) was formed from various Dutch companies who had been making expeditions to Asia since 1595. This period marked the beginning of early modern trade and increased contact between Europe and Asia. The VOC soon became the largest of the early European trading empires until its liquidation in 1795.

1605-11-05 08:36:44

Gunpowder Plot in London 倫敦火藥陰謀

A group of Catholic protesters aimed to restore Protestant England to Catholicism by blowing up the House of Lords to assassinate King James I. However their plans were foiled at the last minute.

1639-10-10 16:24:03

The Wars of the Three Kingdoms 英倫三島戰爭

For twelve years England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales were embroiled in civil war. The most divisive conflict was the English Civil War which resulted in the execution of King Charles I.

1644-01-01 16:24:03

Foundation of the Qing Dynasty 清王朝成立

The Manchus (who invaded China from the North in 1618) finally conquered the Ming Dynasty and established themselves as the Qing Dynasty. Made up of Jurchen, Manchu, Tibetan and Mongolian banner troops the Qing Empire extended China's land mass dramatically to the North and the West. Although foreign to the Chinese majority Han population, the Qing adopted Confucian practices and became one of the longest lasting Chinese dynasties, till the Republican Revolution in 1911.

1660-01-01 02:37:05

The English Restoration 英國復辟

The English monarchy was restored under King Charles II.

1661-02-05 05:55:45

The Reign of Kangxi 康熙王朝

Kangxi was the longest reigning Chinese emperor and one of the longest reigning rulers in world history. During his reign he further extended the boundaries of Qing dynasty China to include Taiwan, Manchuria, Tibet, Mongolia, as well as parts of Korea and Russia. Kangxi's reign was a period of stability and prosperity in much of China. He was also interested in Western technology and installed many Jesuit missionaries at his court which helped with the creation of the first scientific map of China. He also compiled a new dictionary of Chinese characters. His reign represented the final consolidation of Manchu Qing rule over China.

1664-02-08 05:49:11

British occupation of New York 英軍佔領紐約

British troops captured New Amsterdam from the Dutch and renamed the city New York. Britain's strength as an imperial power was growing.

1672-01-01 21:06:07

The UK establishes a trading post in Taiwan 英國在台灣設立商貿據點

After the Portuguese successfully secured territorial rights in Macao and opened trading through some coastal ports in the Chinese mainland, British merchants followed in the 17th century. Their initial attempt to gain the concession to trade failed, but eventually the English East India Company managed to secure a trading post in Taiwan. This trading post was used as a base to launch direct and regular trade with the Chinese on the mainland, namely with Amoy (Xiamen), Chusan (Zhoushan) and Canton (Guangzhou). At the end of the 17th century, the base was moved to Canton. With its Royal Charter, the company was granted the privilege of the monopoly of trade in the East Indies until 1833.

1680-01-01 13:34:45

The Enlightenment in Europe 歐洲啟蒙運動

The Enlightenment was a period of great scientific achievement in Europe.

British Chinese Workforce Heritage 英國華人職業傳承史

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