Through the Doors

On June 11, 1963, Alabama Governor George Wallace stood in front of UA's Foster Auditorium in an attempt to stop desegregation of that institution by the enrollment of two black students, Vivian Malone and James Hood. This became known as "The Stand in the Schoolhouse Door." Wallace stood aside only after being confronted by Nicholas Katzenbach, the deputy attorney general of the United States,federal marshals, and the Alabama National Guard. Katzenbach said to Mr. Wallace: "From the outset, Governor, all of us have known that the final chapter of this history will be the admission of these students." 2013 marks the 50th Anniversary of this historic event "Through the Schoolhouse Door"

The University of Alabama celebrates the 50th Anniversary of desegregation on campus "Through the Doors."


UA's first African-American student, Autherine J. Lucy, was admitted. She was expelled three days later for her own safety in response to threats from a mob.


A shared program of instruction for a major in African-American studies with UA and UAB is approved.


Dr. Samory Pruitt became the first African-American named as permanent vice president, serving as vice president for community affairs.


Foster Auditorium, site of the Stand in the Schoolhouse door, is named a National Historic Landmark.


Minor in African-American studies created.


James Hood returned to campus. The Black Faculty Staff Association announced the endowment of the Vivian-Malone Jones Scholarship.


James Hood received a doctorate in interdisciplinary studies. The first African-American studies program director was hired.


Dr. Joffre Whisenton became the first African-American to earn a doctorate at UA.


Wendell Hudson was recruited by Head Basketball Coach C.M. Newtown and became the first black scholarship athlete in any sport at UA. Wilbur Jackson was the first African-American to sign as a scholarship player for the football team.


The first sustained enrollment of African-American students — Vivian J. Malone and James A. Hood — was achieved when the two enrolled on June 11.

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