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Mask Day

6th radiation treatment and second Chemo today, sugar is running high due to steroids they give me but dr is working on that. Because of my cough, I have to wear a mask today.

needles? come on


feel like going into a time machine

Radiation Treatment

After 10 days in the hospital and weeks of IV antibiotics, I recovered enough from pneumonia to get 33 daily radiation treatments (66 Grays total) concurrent with 6 weekly chemo doses (both carboplatin and paclitaxel) followed by one full chemo dose. I couldn’t have the second planned full chemo dose because my blood values tanked in addition to other side effects.

Post-treatment CAT scan

the lymph nodes were almost completely resolved, and the tumor had shrunk by over 90%! I was feeling good, the CAT scan was good … I thought I had a great chance at a cure. Hurray!

can't breath properly

Got shortness of breath, man, is it coming back?

hello new tumor

A new tumor grew by my right collarbone in the area where the nodes were removed. It’s an ugly thing that grew from nothing to about 3 inches long and 1.5 inches wide in less than 2 months–very aggressive. My pulmonologist and oncologist say they’ve never seen anything grow so fast. THIS SUCKS...

Crazy test week

I underwent several tests (15 appointments in 16 days) to determine if I was healthy enough to have the lung removed. Seriously, 15? someone please make an appointment app for that?


Has anyone when you eat or drink & you don't know when it happens stuff goes down your windpipe & you start coughing to get it up & it hurts for a while afterwards.


So tired. See my tdoc at 2 today and then a group for families of suicides tonight. Bummer having to drive clear into Anchorage for that one but want my sisters bf to attend. Think I have already given up on the drinking, can't take the morning afters. Feel like that was my last "rope" to hang onto. If I can't bury the pain I am not sure that I can go on period.

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