Since its creation in 1994, the European People’s Party Group is a leading force in the European Committee of the Regions, the EU’s assembly of regional and local representatives. Travel through our timeline and discover key moments in our history.

Cooperation Agreement is signed with the European Parliament

Under the Presidency of EPP member Ramón Luis Valcárcel Siso, the European Committee of the Regions signs a cooperation agreement with the European Parliament to reinforce the democratic legitimacy of the EU. This agreement covers the preparation of impact assessments on how existing legislation is working, plus opinions on improvements to the proposed legislation. The European Parliament can ask for greater input from the CoR on priority subjects, and members from the CoR are invited to all relevant committee meetings. Reciprocally, EP Rapporteurs can attend CoR committee meetings.

University for local and regional media launched by the EPP-CoR Group

Communication activities led by the Political Groups become possible and the EPP-CoR Group launches the 'Summer University for local and regional media'.

Former President of the EPP-CoR Task Force on Europe2020 is elected President of the European Committee of the Regions

Markku-Markkula, member of Espoo City Council (FI) is elected President of the Committee of the Regions for a mandate of two and a half years. Delivering growth and jobs through the involvement of Europe's regions and cities is at the centre of his time in office. He believes in an inclusive alliance across public and private sectors and across borders to support regions and cities in Europe to push forward a new wind of positive change via societal and industrial innovation.

Second President of the CoR from the EPP political family is elected

EPP Member Jos Chabert, Minister of Public Works and Transport in the Brussels-Capital Region (B) is elected as President of the CoR (2000-2002), and organizes the first meeting of the Conference of Presidents of the European Parliament and the Presidents of the CoR political groups.

EPP-CoR group enlarged to take on new members from Croatia

With Croatia's accession to the EU, the total number of CoR members increases to 353. In the difficult economic context, President Valcárcel Siso invites the European Investment Bank to put emphasis on the need for long-term investments in Europe's regions and cities. At the joint High Level Conference (13 May), the EIB recognizes the need for maintaining investment in cities and regions in order to deal with the economic crisis.

Election of a founding member as new European Committee of the Regions President

EPP-CoR founding member Ramon-Luis Valcárcel Siso, President of the Murcia Region (ES) is elected President of the Committee of the Regions (2012-2014). In recognition of the institutional role of the Committee of the Regions and the role of regions and cities in European construction, he is invited to attend the ceremony, where the EU is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Committee of the Regions Strengthens Cooperation with the European Commission

Under the Presidency of EPP member Jos Chabert (B), the CoR signs its first cooperation agreement with European Commission, amongst others to ensure that the consultation of local and regional authorities should take place before legislation is drafted.

Assembly for Local and Regional Authorities of the Eastern Partnership is created

At the invitation of EPP-CoR member Marek Wozniak, President of the Wielkopolska region (PO), the Conference of Regional and Local Authorities for the Eastern Partnership (CORLEAP) is inaugurated in Poznan. The Platforms' policy recommendations were presented to the Eastern Partnership Summit of Heads of State and Government to in Warsaw, leading to their commitment towards a local and regional dimension in the Eastern Partnership policy via CORLEAP.

Areas of consultation of the European Committee of the Regions are enlarged

The Amsterdam Treaty enters into force, enlarging the areas of consultation to CoR and giving the European Parliament the right to consult the CoR, as requested by EPP co-rapporteur Edmund Stoiber two years earlier.

First Female Group President in the European Committee of the Regions is from the EPP

The EPP takes lead and elects the first female Group President in the CoR – Claude du Granrut, Mayor of Senlis and regional Councillor of Picardie (F). She presides over the first EPP-CoR Group Extraordinary meeting which adopts the Santiago de Compostela Declaration on "The future of Europe". Keynote speakers include the Spanish Prime-Minister José Maria Aznar and EPP President Wilfried Martens.

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