Susan B Anthony Museum & House

The National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House shares the story of Susan B. Anthony’s lifelong struggle to gain voting rights for women and equal rights for all. We keep her vision alive and relevant by preserving and sharing Anthony’s National Historic Landmark home.

This timeline includes dates related the National Historic Landmark in Rochester, NY, where Susan B. Anthony lived and worked.

Susan Brownell Anthony

Susan B. Anthony (SBA) born in Adams, Massachusetts.

Susan B. Anthony Votes!

Having convinced the election commissioners that they are entitled to vote based on U.S. Constitution, fifteen women in Rochester, NY register and vote in the federal election of 1872.

Anthony is Arrested!

A U.S. Marshall knocks on the door the Anthony house with a warrant for the arrest of Susan B. Her crime: voting!

"No Compromise. . . "

SBA conducts an anti-slavery campaign from Buffalo to Albany with the motto, "No Compromise with Slaveholders."

The Life and Work of Susan B. Anthony


New York State Teachers' Convention

At a New York State Teachers' Convention in Binghamton, SBA calls for education for women and Blacks.

The National American Woman Suffrage Association

The National American Woman Suffrage Association is formed from the merger of the National Woman Suffrage Association and the American Woman Suffrage Association.

Woman's National Loyal League

SBA works with ECS to found the Woman’s National Loyal League and to publish "An Appeal to the Women of the Republic"

Move to Battenville

Daniel Anthony moves the family forty miles to Battenville, NY, where he manages mills for Judge John McLean.


Lucy Read marries Daniel Anthony in Adams, Massachusetts.

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