OSU RecSports Centennial Celebration

In October 2016, Oregon State University will celebrate 100 years of campus recreation making it the 3rd oldest program in the nation!

New Tennis Courts

The tennis courts were scrapped because they were not sufficient for the needs of the program. Twelve new courts were built on the intramural field.

Bill Winkler Appointed Director

In 1964, Bill Winkler was appointed the Intramural Sports Program Director.

James Dixon Appointed Director

In 1957, James V. Dixon was appointed the Intramural Sports Program Director.

1990s Intramural Champions

Howard Raabe Named Assistant Director

Howard Raabe moved from assistant gymnastics coach to Assistant Director of Intramurals in 1935 to further help Ralph Coleman along. One of Raabe's many jobs was dealing with the growing Sigma Delta Psi fraternity. Sigma Delta Psi was a national fraternity committed to students becoming involved in intramurals specifically.

AORE founded

While on campus for an annual meeting the founders of the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education vote to form an association.

Climbing Wall Instructor course developed at OSU becames national standard

The Climbing Wall Instructor course developed at OSU becomes the national standard for the Professional Climbing Instructors Association

Staci Allison Summits Mount Everest

Staci Allison (Alum) becomes the first American Woman to successfully summit Mount Everest.

Mountain Club, Founded Mountain Rescue Association

The Mountain club is one of 9 founding members of the Mountain rescue association

OSC Mountain Club banner on Everest

Willi Unsoeld (Alum and Professor) unfurls the OSC mountain club Banner on the summit during the first American Expedition to Everest.

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