Collection of Objects/Projects/Ideas

In the summer of 2010 on my return from traveling across the country, I was preparing for my thesis when I realized for the first time, that I was studying something generally unintelligible beyond my comprehension. It was something I have been feeling and sensing in bits and pieces for years, however this time I had found it. When the time came to present my initial thesis project, I was able to put together the following abstract idiomatic proposition: “When the Invisible Punishing Machine is everywhere, creeping into our bodies, lives and spaces, it is like living in a colossal architectural nightmare.”

I presented this proposition as an idea, as a concept, along with a photo travel log I designed to recount orally and visually my story about a summer trip from June through August. In combination, I reused the Sensible Housing Unit (SHU) project and another object from the many significant personal ones I have been carrying with me for more than two years. Here is an introduction:;xNLx;When I was designing the travel log, I took two objects out of box that was stored on one of the shelves in my studio/office and tied them up into a bundle. One was the Sensible Housing Unit (SHU) (a fabric replica of a prison cell I designed in 2008 as a way to share the traumatic stories from those incarcerated in solitary confinement) and the other one was my brother’s shirt. This shirt came to my possession after he was sent to Corcoran State Prison, CA, where he was placed in solitary confinement for a disciplinary infraction in the summer of 2007 at Coalinga State Prison.;xNLx;

Bundle . 1 / Initial Idea

This was the 1st Bundle I made. I used it to retell my story about how I found the Invisible Punishing Machine.

Bundle . 2 / One-on-one conversations...

One-on-One Guided Conversations with the Weight I Carry with Me

Bundle . 3 / Rehearsals for Future Actions

Rehearsals for Future Actions

Bundle . 4 / I Thought I've Seen Human

After visiting the prison’s hospital in the summer 2010, the following year, I created an immerse live multimedia performance titled “I thought I’ve seen Humans.”

Thesis Project:

when the invisible punishing machine is everywhere... The Weight I Carry with Me

Thesis Book:

“When the Invisible Punishing Machine is everywhere: How Mechanism of Social Control (Mass Incarceration, Institutionalized Racism, Slavery and Repression) in the USA Shapes the Individual as Well as the Social Space.”

Talking Ball v.1 - v.3

Passing the Ball: Wounded Witnesses Wounded Storytellers

Talking Ball v.4

We are currently designing a robust community-oriented initiative called Healing Our Wounds.

SHU v.1 - v.3

The Sensible Housing Unit (SHU) is a fabric replica of a prison cell I designed in 2008 and used by the CNS as a way to share the traumatic stories from those incarcerated in solitary confinement.

SHU v.7

In May 2012, the "Sensible Housing Unit" was borrowed by teachers and students at Occidental College to led a series of performance workshops to address human rights issues. (Documentation will be available soon.)

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