Timeline: 2011–2016: Years of Transformation

Reforms instituted by Chief Justice Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye and the California Judicial Council have brought greater efficiency and transparency to the state's judicial branch.

Despite $1 billion in funding cuts, the Chief Justice has led the California's courts through rapid changes, particularly with the Judicial Council, the policy-making body of the state judicial branch.

Chief Operating Officer Joins Council

Millicent Tidwell, a longtime leader in the state’s executive branch, is selected as the Judicial Council’s Chief Operating Officer.

Chief Justice's Statement on 2016–2017 Budget

“I’m pleased to see that this marks the fourth year of new investment in the courts—more than $600 million—and a continuing emphasis on access to justice issues, including improvements in language access for limited English speakers and support for service innovations in our court system.

2015 State of the Judiciary Address

The Chief Justice thanks the governor and Legislature for restoring a portion of the branch budget, but says the crisis in the California courts is far from over.

Trial Court Access to Council Expands

The Chief Justice assigns council members to serve as liaisons to each of the state’s 58 trial courts. Liaison Program visits to courts begin immediately.

Council Hears Progress Report on Restructuring

Justice Doug Miller reviews achievements the council has made in promoting greater accountability, access, and oversight.

State's Court Construction Program Receives Greater Oversight

The Chief Justice appoints experts to oversee the program and make best use of the funds left after the Legislature sweeps $310 million.

Chief Justice Calls for In-Depth Evaluation of Judicial Council Staff

The Chief Justice launches her first action in reorganizing the council's staff and realigning staff priorities.

Exploring the Future of the Courts

The Commission on the Future of California’s Court System, named by the Chief Justice and chaired by Justice Carol Corrigan, holds its first public meeting.

New Process for Budget Allocation to Trial Courts

In a vote the Chief Justice calls “historic” and “a paradigm shift,” the Judicial Council unanimously adopts a new process for allocating funds among the trial courts, based on workload. The shift comes following recommendations of the Trial Court Funding Workgroup, formed by the Chief Justice and Governor Brown a year earlier.

Open Meetings Rule Expands Public Access to the Council

California's judicial branch becomes the most transparent in the nation when the council adopts a rule allowing access to meetings held by its internal and advisory committees.

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