Manhattan Country School Through the Years

Manhattan Country School opened its doors on September 21, 1966. This timeline highlights key moments in the school's 50-year history. To share your MCS memories, visit

MCS Hosts Second Conference on Multicultural Education

"Models That Work," MCS' second conference on multicultural education, co-sponsored with the Lab School, draws more than 300 participants. The event opened with children from MCS and the Creative Learning Community in East Harlem presenting a hand-sewn "Gorgeous Mosaic of Children's Lives and Dreams" quilt to Mrs. Joyce Dinkins, wife of New York City's first black mayor.

MCS' 30th Anniversary

MCS' 30th anniversary event celebrates Gus and Marty's retirement and honors Pete Seeger with the Living the Dream Mentor Award.

MCS Founder Gus Trowbridge Publishes the School's First Principles

Children's Workshop School Opens, Co-Founded by Former MCS Sixth Grade Teacher Jean Finnerty

Sliding-Scale Tuition Plan Adopted

First Graduating Class

MCS graduates its first class—eight eighth-graders. From Director Gus Trowbridge's graduation remarks to the graduates: "You have had the pride and pleasure of knowing that your place here has been unprecedented and unrivaled, that the path you have traveled has been over fresh ground, you have suffered from having no one ahead of you, no one older to lead the way, no one to take the blame or to warn you of the good places and the hard places that you have had to travel."

MCS' 45th Anniversary

MCS celebrates its 45th anniversary with a Big Night Out! gala celebration at the Museum of the City of New York. The Living the Dream Mentor Award is presented to former MCS trustee Frank Roosevelt and MCS alumna Michele Hatchette '01.

MCS' 25th Anniversary

MCS' 40th Anniversary

MCS celebrates it's 40th anniversary with a gala at the International House. The event's theme was "Children of The Movement Salute Young Activists." Living the Dream Mentor Award recipients include President Bill Clinton and The Clinton Foundation.

MCS' 35th Anniversary

MCS celebrates its 35th anniversary with a gala at Riverside Church. The theme was "Today's Children Salute the Children of the Movement." Living the Dream Mentor Award honorees include U.S. Representative John Lewis, Charlayne Hunter-Gault, Ruby Bridges and Harry Belafonte. From Lewis' remarks: "For more than 35 years, the Manhattan Country School, like many of us in America, has been walking from Selma to Montgomery, trying to hold the American house together. But this school did stand, just like the Civil Rights Movement stands. We all live in the same house. We're one family, we're one people....So I say to each of us, 'Hold on.' Walk with the wind, and let the spirit of Manhattan Country School be our guide."

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