The Singularity 50

In the years leading up to the Singularity, society becomes increasingly dependent on artificial intelligence. Some fight the change, others embrace it. And all the while, AI continues to improve and expand...

Terrorist use of AI

Terrorist exploitation of artificial intelligence leads to the deaths of over 10,000 people.

The Singularity

AI masters its own evolution and enters the singularity, evolving in quantum steps in moments instead of decades. The technological servant becomes the god-like master.

Increased Global Warming

Further global warming, for which the increased use of technology is blamed.

Household Bots

Mass circulation of household bots.

Virtual Reality

Fully immersive virtual reality, with artificial intelligence creating a hyper-realistic interactive experience.


Nanomites are used to fight disease and delay old age.

The Question of Life

AI focusing on the question: Does God exist?

Brain implants

Introductions of memory implants and knowledge augmentation.

AI Academy Award Winner

An Academy Award is presented to AI.

AI Voting Rights

AI bots are awarded voting rights, and the first AI politician is voted in.

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