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Our group is focused on the study of phytoplankton dynamics in the Eastern Pacific Ocean coastal region and finding new applications for remote sensing technology. In combination with other researchers at UCSC and partner institutions we utilize satellite based remote sensing imagery, in situ mooring data, and bio-optical shipboard instruments to model ocean ecosystem dynamics. We also use traditional oceanographic sampling methods to monitor water quality and phytoplankton population dynamics in Monterey Bay.

Scientists fear toxic algae bloom spreading on Pacific coast

stretching from southern California to Alaska, this year's bloom thought to be largest ever recorded.

New technology for tracking algal toxins

SeaGrant news release

Killer Foam: Was it a freak event, or a warning?

The Oregonian

Biotoxins in seafood

This American Land

Study aims to predict when, where harmful algal blooms will occur along California's coast

Santa Cruz Sentinel

Theories abound after fish die en masse in marina

The San Diego Union Tribune

Toxic algae on the loose


Killer red tide baffles scientists

The Bay Citizenhttp://www.tiki-toki.com/timeline/entry/61821/Kudela-Lab-in-the-Media/#

UCSC scientists lead a team deploying robots to forecast toxic algae blooms

Santa Cruz Sentinel

Harmful Algal Blooms and marine mammals


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