Manifesting Giant Rock

Between 65 to 136 million years old, the "Great Stone", a seven story quartz monzonite rock, is said to be the world's largest free-standing boulder. Manifesting Giant Rock, a work in progress, reveals the local history, biographical information on key characters who lived nearby, events at the site, related publications and contemporary audio stories.

Working with the collections of the Morongo Basin Historical Society and the Twentynine Palms Historical Society and Museum;xNLx;the interactive timeline builds on research into Giant Rock begun in 2001, shortly after the mass split apart. Since this time, more information and photographs have become available online. This ongoing project will provide links in the timeline entries and juxtapose these histories with site images, interviews and investigations. Please return to our timeline for audio downloads and new information. If you would like to contribute or offer feedback contact

Faces of Water at the Integratron

For the BOXO House Joshua Treenial, artist Moses Hacmon installed images of the hidden world of water around the lower exterior and inside the upper windows at the Van Tassel's structure. Images courtesy of Faces of Water.

HDTS: Googly Eyes for Giant Rock

For High Desert Test Sites artist Bettina Hubby created a temporary art installation.

Cabinet Magazine -Mass Effect - Article

In the shadow of Giant Rock, Sasha Archibald's excellent article is published in Cabinet Magazine's issue #53 - Stones.

Current Owners the Karls Purchase the Integratron

Early on the Karl sisters began offering Sound Baths inside the upper level of the dome by appointment only by advance registration online. Over the years they have increased the other amenities at the site and one may enjoy the grounds, stop by the gift shop, or have a picnic.

Emile Canning Buys Van Tassel's Integratron

Emile Canning and his company EJC productions offer tours and workshops at the Integratron starting in 1990 covering meditation, UFOs, spiritual growth and women's issues.

Willie Boy is Born

A Paiute-Chemehuevi native is born near Pahrump, NV and will lead a mysterious love story in the Morongo Basin.

Clara True and Maude Russell visit 29 Palms

Working for the US Indian Service Bureau's Banning office, Clara and Maude made two trips to the Oasis of Mara in 1909 and 1910.

First Issue of "Proceedings" Published

Proceedings was the monthly newsletter eventually published by the College of Universal Wisdom, a branch of the Ministry of Universal Wisdom over which Van Tassel presides.

Homestead Act brings settlers to Morongo Basin

Named the "Great Stone' by Indians of the high desert, the site sixteen miles north of highway 62 began to be known as "Giant Rock" by white settlers new to the region.

Charles Lewis Reche is Born

Charles was born on the Pala Indian Reservation in San Diego County where his father Anthony was the first non-Indian settler and started the first store.

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