Laquan McDonald Case Timeline

This is an interactive timeline of events, including media coverage, since black teenager Laquan McDonald was shot to death by a white officer, now charged with murder, on October 20, 2014. In addition to laying out the chain of events from shooting until today, it shows just how much the official narrative changed. Click "find out more" on each entry to read the accompanying news story.

This timeline was created by Evelyn Wang for The Youth Project, a part of The News Lab

Illinois Attorney General: release video.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan asks the police to release the video.

Police superintendent fired.

Rahm Emanuel fires police superintendent Garry McCarthy, calling for his formal resignation.

Taskforce established.

Rahm Emanuel appoints top city officials to a taskforce to oversee police reform in the city.

Police reports released.

The city releases all the police reports in the case, which contradict the video.

Search for new police superintendent begins.

The Chicago Police Board launches a nationwide search for a new police superintendent. Apps due Jan. 15.

Feds announce DOJ probe.

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch announces the Department of Justice will investigate the Chicago Police Department.

NYT Op-ed: Mayor, Alvarez should resign.

A New York Times opinion piece calls for the resignation of city leaders.

City releases Burger King video.

Chicago officials release surveillance footage from a nearby Burger King with 86 min. missing.

New police superintendent cracks down on dash-cam video.

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Emanuel denies cover-up in op-ed.

Rahm Emanuel pens op-ed, "I am the mayor and I own it...and I will fix it."

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