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This year Amalgamated Security Services Limited celebrates 32, but the company’s roots extend well into the late 20th century, and have earned a Caribbean reputation for developing and incorporating innovative and effective solutions to challenging security related problems. Explore this timeline to discover Amalgamated Security Services Limited and its mark in security services.

Founded in 1983, Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) is a well established, Caribbean-based, privately owned Security and Risk Management Company.;xNLx;;xNLx;We have a wealth of knowledge in Private Security and the supply of security personnel and life saving products, with a high-profile client base including many government agencies, and private and public companies throughout the Caribbean.;xNLx;;xNLx;"Our extensive knowledge base in state-of-the-art and best practice which include security products and services has allowed us to become the largest single provider of a wide range of security-related services and products in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean."

In Loving Memory of E/cpl Anthony Joseph (1960-2015)

Anthony Joseph joined Amalgamated Security Services Limited in 1983, he was employed as one of the first officer’s of Amalgamated Security Service at its then only office at Kelly Kenny Street. It must be noted that Anthony Joseph was one of the first K9 Officer’s and firearm officer of Amalgamated Security Services Limited, as well as the first to serve in its marine unit. Within a few years he was promoted to lance corporal followed by corporal. Anthony served unselfishly in the 1990 Coup; Antigua Prison Operations from 1997 to 1998; the 5th Summit of Americas and Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in 2009. He also served as a bodyguard in 2010. Anthony dedicated himself to serving the Company and its clients, displaying bravery in the apprehension of suspects. His personality, cheerfulness and kind nature made him an icon for family members, friends and colleagues. Among his achievements, Anthony received various commendations and awards during his tenure in the sphere of outstanding performance, commitment and devotion to duty, excellent customer service, honesty, beyond the call of duty, best attire, attendance and unselfish contribution & support to the company. He also received long service awards. Anthony completed training in different disciplines which include but not limited to: Crisis Management (First Response), canine, first aid, defensive driving, leadership development, IFPO Level 1, International Code of Conduct, Universal Declaration of Human Rights for Security & Codes of Conduct for Law Enforcement Officials and Specialized security training. Anthony served with commitment and loyalty, a true example of dedicated service to the Company. He was a model security officer, a man to follow as an accomplish leader. One can say that his devotion was unparalleled. The Executive, Management and Staff of Amalgamated Security Services Limited express their deepest condolences to Anthony’s family. His passing is a great loss to the Company. He was a distinguished officer displaying unwavering commitment to the satisfaction of clients. We will continue to gratefully remember his invaluable contributions to our organization. He will be sincerely missed. Left to mourn Anthony Joseph are: Joan Cooke (Common-law wife), and seven children (Kimberly Joseph, Anika Joseph, Anthony Joseph, Antonio Joseph, Latoya Joseph, Anisha Jerry, Ann-marie Jerry) Also morning are Elmo Joseph (Father) Danny Joseph (brother) and sisters (Michelle Joseph, Charmaine Joseph, Syona Joseph, Claudette Joseph, and Bernadette Joseph) and Manzil Bob (son-in-law), Janelle Joseph (deceased daughter).

Amalgamated Security Services Officer Receives Award at the National Security Officers Foundation Induction and Award Ceremony

On April 29th, 2016, Amalgamated Security Officer, EC Sheldon Paul received an award for 'Heroism' from the National Security Officers Foundation at their Induction and Award Ceremony held at City Hall Auditorium, Port of Spain. Estate Constable Sheldon Paul in attendance at a training session at the Eric Williams Medical Complex on August 15th, 2015, arrested a man at the location for an attempted rape. He was charged at the St. Joseph Police Station for the act of indecency.

Amalgamated Security Services (Barbados) Partakes in ICBL 5k Run for Charity

On April 28th, 2016, Amalgamated Security Services Limited (Barbados) partook in the Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited (ICBL) Annual 5 k Family Fun Run and Walk for charity. The event started and finished at ICBL Headquarters on Roebuck Street, with the popular Health Extravaganza following the much anticipated 5k Walk/Run and the 10k run, which kicked off at 6 a.m.

ASSL Awards Caribbean Top Cops 2016

In December 2014, Amalgamated Security Services Limited in partnership with the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police (ACCP) launched the 'Amalgamated Security Services Regional Recognition Awards Programme for Public Law Enforcement' at its Annual General Meeting in Miami. On May the 12th, 2015, eight (8) outstanding Caribbean Police Officers were recognized at the inaugural Awards Ceremony held in St. Kitts for the first time. For 2016, the second set of winners and runners-up in the Regional Recognition Awards Programme will be recognized at the inaugural ceremony to be held at the 31st Annual General Meeting & Conference of the ACCP in Suriname.

Amalgamated Security Chairman Receives Two (2) Awards at TTCIC's Champions of Business Gala 2015

Chairman, Michael Aboud awarded a finalist in EY's 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year program in the category of Master Entrepreneur. This prestigious award recognises Mr. Aboud's visionary leadership, his various and outstanding achievements in transforming an idea into a sustainable and continuously growing business, and certainly the social responsibility he executed in doing so. Mr. Aboud also received the People Empowerment Award for his extraordinary support for the professional development of his employees.

Congratulations Mr. Melvin Aberdeen, Certified Polygraph Examiner

Amalgamated Security Services proudly welcomes back Mr. Melvin Aberdeen who has graduated from the American International Institute of Polygraph, Stockbridge, Georgia as Certified Polygraph Examiner. Mr. Aberdeen now specializes in the field of Psychophysiological of Deception (Polygraph). “The American International Institute of Polygraph offers quality polygraph training to qualified, highly motivated persons in law enforcement and other government organizations. Because the Institute is accredited by the American Polygraph Association (APA), the American Association of Police Polygraphists (AAPP) the programs at the institute adhere to the highest international standards. By integrating this newest offer into its wide portfolio of services and products, Amalgamated Security Services sustains its position as the industry leader throughout the Caribbean region.

Amalgamated Security Services Limited Wins The Bill Zalud Memorial Award From The International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO)

In August, the International Foundation for Protection Officers, in conjunction with Security Magazine, announced the inaugural Bill Zalud Memorial Award for Professional Excellence, an award that recognizes one security professional or an organization for professional excellence or outstanding service in the security profession. Now the nominations have been cast, the selection team has voted and with that, a winner has emerged: Amalgamated Security Services. Amalgamated's Facebook page describes the company thus: "Established in 1983 and incorporated in 1986, Amalgamated Security Services Limited is a reputable company that provides a variety of security services." The company provides a wide array of security services in Trinidad, Tobago, Grenada, Guyana, Barbados and St. Lucia. About Bill Zalud "Bill Zalud, an IFPO Board Member for many years and an outstanding security professional, was a strong advocate for the need to offer educational opportunities to our industry would applaud your efforts," IFPO Sandi Davies wrote in a letter to Amalgamated. The award bears Bill's name because of his deep dedication to the security industry, covering and shaping it for more than three decades. Bill's knowledge of the industry, his readers, the advertisers of the publications and their services have brought great value to his contributions. Bill strived to serve the industry with professional excellence. A very attractive plaque is being prepared and will be shipped to Amalgamated, in hopes it will be proudly displayed in their offices. In addition, Amalgamated is entitled to a 3-year IFPO Corporate Membership and all the membership benefits that coincide with it. Investing in its employees On its application for the award, Amalgamated detailed its dedication to continuing education for its employees, including IFPO courses. "To date, ASSL can boast that 160 of our employees are IFPO certified with varying certifications to include SSMP, CSSM, CPO and CPOI. We ultimately aim to encourage and nurture employees into building a career in security, to become qualified security professionals. In 2016/2017 our organization launched an in-house Security Supervisor Training Program (SSTP) and upon successful completion, all candidates were enrolled in the SSMP and CSSM programs. Of the 15 candidates enrolled in the SSMP, all were successful and 14 of those candidates went on to do the CSSM program, again, with 100% success." "It does not end there, recently, the organization constructed and developed an e-learning platform whereby employees can pursue courses ranging from leadership, etiquette, customer service, health & safety, information technology, soft skills and much more. On inception into the organization, employees are being introduced to this platform and encouraged to pursue these courses which will enhance their opportunity for growth and transition up the ranks. All professional certifications and academia pursued by an employee attributes to his/her likelihood for promotion through the ranks from a Security Officer to an Executive level." Congratulations to Amalgamated Security Services Limited! Published Articles:

Michael Aboud Chairman of Amalgamated Security Services Limited Receives Honorary Doctor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation from The University of Trinidad & Tobago

The University of Trinidad & Tobago honored our Chairman, Mr. Michael Aboud with a Honorary Doctor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation on Wednesday November 08th, 2017. Mr. Michael Aboud dedicates this Honorary Doctorate to his staff. Chairman’s Message to ASSL Staff Honorary Doctorate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation - University of Trinidad & Tobago, 2017 I am truly honored and humbled to have accepted this honorary doctoral degree for Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT). At the ceremony, the UTT orator did a splendid summarization of my work and accomplishments. Let me admit that such achievements could not be an outcome of…… a one-man effort. It is rather the outcome of collective efforts of the people of who have been alongside me during my life’s journey: my family, fellow leaders, directors, executives and especially, the many dedicated men and women of Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL). It is on behalf of these people that I accepted this award. Allow me, therefore, to dedicate it to you, as your dedicated efforts and service must not go unrecognized. Special acknowledgment must also be given to ASSL's Executive Team and to The University, as the National University of Trinidad and Tobago, for its achievements and significant contributions to education and research. When I was offered this Honorary Doctorate, I needed to understand why I might be worthy of such honor, then I reflected on my colourful and somewhat unusual journey of successes that bought me here today. I am far from being an academic achiever, however, I am a huge admirer of anyone who takes interest to such an extent that they become expert in their field. By this honour, I accept recognition of achieving expertise in the respective fields of the award. As Chairman, Advisor and Director of many companies regionally, and Chief Executive Officer of Amalgamated Security, I have always maintained focus and supported higher education and instilled the need for it by creating an environment for practical application of knowledge; I recognized the value of academic knowledge as a sound investment towards business improvement and self-actualization and, also established, participated and invested in several mentorship, recognition and award programs focused on self-improvement. I can tell you that we are a stronger, more educated and a community fixated set of organizations because of that drive towards academic achievement which has allowed us to exceed academic requirements within the various industries in which we operate, and in many instances, set higher benchmarks for the industry. I am truly humbled to be recognized for my contribution to sound Entrepreneurship and Innovation. I am blessed and thankful for the opportunity to use my talent in a way that has benefited so many. In summation, a good education is a foundation for guaranteeing a successful outcome and its value cannot be overstated; that, and hard work with sacrifices always pay off. A proper education is the tool to escape poverty, to obtain gainful employment, create wealth, raise the standard of living, and most of all, to empower the next generation to live better lives. The surest way to empower an individual is to educate him. As I conclude my message I must say that I was honoured to have shared the stage with the 2017 graduates of UTT. I sincerely appreciate the conferring of this Honorary Doctorate degree upon me and will forever carry it with pride and humility and allow it to serve as a testament to the value of contributing to one’s community. And finally, I would like to say that our footprints on the sands of time which we leave behind as part of our legacy are often made with impressions of varying intensities and this one will surely last a lifetime. Thank you Michael Aboud Chairman

Amalgamated Security Services Recognizes its Long Standing Employees for 2015

On July 02nd, 2016 Amalgamated Security Services Limited held its Annual Awards Ceremony in recognition of Service in Excellence. Awardees in the category of 10, 15, 20 & 25 years of service inclusive of Posthumous, Merit and Special Awardees were recognized for their unparalleled dedication to making the company's vision, mission and values a reality.

Alternative Security Services Celebrates Staff after Five Years of Service

The staff and clients of Alternative Security Services (St. Lucia) Ltd have been celebrated for their confidence and commitment to the company established here five years ago.

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